Nokia Asha 210 has a dedicated WhatsApp Button

Beyond what you’ll get on the earlier members of ‘portfolio-Asha’, the Asha 210 has some peculiar features that suits a select target group, the handset is seemingly affordable just like the entire Asha family but with minimal smart touches here and there. It’s not the first device within this category to have a QWERTY keypad but proudly stands-out as the first to have a dedicated WhatsApp physical key. We’ve seen devices with a dedicated Facebook button surface over time but little did we imagine a WhatsApp alternative, it’s not a miracle considering current WhatsApp statistics put the application’s usage slightly over that of twitter but coming this early was unexpected.

The Asha 210’s design isn’t significantly different from its siblings except for the new WhatsApp button tweak, it’s not as aesthetic as pricier rivals such as Galaxy S4, neither do we anticipate it to cost as much – which’s an obvious relief but I’d suggest you put down your must-haves first before looking at the price tag. The phone is shipped in two variants: dual-sim and single sim – which’s a pleasant consideration but it’ll be silly to expect prices to remain the same. It’s not the kind of phone you’ll shortlist if performance is of essence but it’ll do justice for cheapskates looking for that unique feel at an almost rock-bottom price tag. A 2.4inch QVGA screen at the front panel is no match for pricier smart phones, its resolution is basic (320×240 pixels to be precise) but the smaller size squeezed pixels together making sure it still looks presentable.

It’s obvious the Asha 210 has a specific target group, if you do lots of WhatsApps, then consider this budget handset – it has a dedicated button alongside a QWERTY keypad so ‘WhatsApping’ should be a breeze. Facebook and twitter short cut keys are also onboard should you choose to change your social platform. Most of the phone’s ports are standard from a 3.5 AV jack to a Micro-USB which doubles-up for charging. It’s expected to carry a $72 price tag according to the official release notes so it should be obvious why some important features are lacking. Dual-SIM variants have Nokia’s exclusive EasySwap technology that allows users to change SIM cards without necessarily having to turn it off.

Nokia Asha 210 Features/Specifications;

  • Operating System: Series S40 Operating System
  • Display: 2.4inch (320x240p pixels) (167 ppi) TFT panel, 65k colors
  • Camera: 2.0Megapixel (1600x1200pixels), Video: QCIF @10fps
  • Storage: 64MB Internal, 32MB RAM Up to 32GB MicroSD card
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB, Bluetooth v2.1
  • Internet: WiFi 802.11b/g
  • Other ft: FM radio with RDS, FM recording
  • Battery: Standard Lithium Ion 1200mAh

Nokia Asha 210 Price in Kenya: $72 (global price)


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