‘Jaza Ushinde’ Promotion from Airtel Kenya

I bet ya’ll love to win something at some point in life, it definitely feels nice to be a winner and the fact you’d be adding a new asset whether monetary or anything else to your possession is a definite recipe for a genuine smile. As creative as it may sound, ‘Jaza Ushinde’ promo from Airtel Kenya is one of those promos you ought to try out; ooh wait, at least if you are a subscriber on their network. They’ve been undoubtedly creative in coming up with ‘Jaza Ushinde’ just like Naivas supermarket chain had a win ‘mbuzi’ (goat) promo during the holidays, I can’t say they nailed it but honestly, I salute their creativity. Airtel unveiled the ‘Jaza Ushinde’ promotion which’s expected to run for the next sixty days and lucky subscribers will see their utility bills such as rent, electricity, shopping, airtime and water fully paid for totaling to Kshs.10 million ($115447approx.)

Of course, just like any other competition, Airtel intends to increase sales and gain new subscribers on their network, you don’t just simply get into the competition; you must be a subscriber on their network and top up your phone with more than Ksh50 worth of airtime. For each Ksh50 or more worth of airtime you top up earns a single point into the weekly draws where you’ll have a chance to get your bills paid. Beyond that, subscribers will also get instant prizes in free sms and voice call minutes to be redeemed before mid-night same day. Currently, there’s a ‘shinda karo’ promo from the same network limited to paying a year’s school fees for lucky customers, it was kind of discriminatory if you ask me, but I guess with ‘Jaza Ushinde’, at least no body I know of doesn’t have bills to pay. ‘Shinda karo’ is however ending this month and a total of 200 customers will win.

During the launch, Airtel’s managing director Shivan Bhargava said the promotion was aimed at rewarding customers for their ‘enormous support and loyalty’, he also added they’re aware a good number of people face immense financial challenges especially coming into the new year. It is during this time that most parents in Kenya are faced with school fees burden as fresh standard eight graduates join secondary schools for the first time and apart from school fees, parents are expected to shop for their requirements especially pupils joining boarding schools.



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