Linda Jamii, Affordable Healthcare Insurance

Press Release: Tuesday November 27, 2012… Leading integrated communications provider Safaricom Limited has partnered with leading insurer Britam, Changamka Microhealth – one of Kenya’s pioneering mobile Health Financing technology providers and PSI, a leading global health organization to launch Linda Jamii, an innovative and affordable healthcare insurance option. Targeted at more than 35 million uninsured Kenyans, the Kshs.12, 000 per Family premium cover will provide clients with access to a comprehensive medical cover comprising in and out patient cover, maternity cover and a hospitalization income replacement benefit of Kshs.500 per day, to take care of lost income while in hospital. The premiums are payable in installments via MPESA, with quality healthcare  being available after accumulating  Kshs. 6,000 and  the balance being saved in a premium deposit facility on the user’s mobile phone.

Speaking at the launch event, Britam’s Group Managing Director Benson Wairegi said the health services will be offered through leading public and mission hospitals where starting from when the deposit is paid., families will thereafter have up to six months to pay the difference, for the annual cover.
“A majority of the families we are targeting have little disposable income and are therefore not able to raise enough money to get a health insurance cover, given the payment options available. The downside is that these are the same families who delay seeking health care, making treatment more complicated and therefore expensive in the long run, “ he added.
Linda Jamiiwill offer inpatient and outpatient covers for a family of two parents and an unlimited number of children, and will cover HIV and other pre-existing conditions. It will also cater for funeral expenses in the unfortunate event of the death of those insured.
Safaricom’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Collymore said Linda Jamii is yet another innovative proposition that demonstrates the convenience that M-PESA affords customers. He explained that lack of adequate healthcare coverage entrenches poverty among a majority of Kenyans.
Linda Jamii is a timely product at a time when cancer, diabetes and other potentially expensive illnesses are on the rise. It is worrying that more than 35 million Kenyans are still not able to access timely and quality healthcare because most insurance products are designed to suit high income earners,” he noted.
“With over 15.2 million customers already using M-PESA, “ Collymore added, “we believe that we can help boost initiatives aimed at helping raise a generation of health Kenyans who will be instrumental in helping achieve the objectives of Vision 2030”.
Changamka has installed an end to end internet based electronic platform which is hosted on the Safaricom cloud; and with the capacity to manage more than 100 million insurance policies. The technology enables users to save little by little using MPESA until the required threshold is reached.
The product is an innovation that enables individuals register on a mobile phone, thus tackling the age old problem of distribution of Microinsurance products. In addition healthcare services are provided on either a computer or an internet enabled mobile phone
About Safaricom Corporate
Safaricom provides a comprehensive range of services under one roof. This includes mobile and fixed voice and data services on a variety of platforms. With annual revenues in excess of Kshs 100 billion, it is Kenya’s widest 3G network with a growing fibre optic cable footprint and its most expansive WIMAX presence.
Safaricom pioneered commercial mobile money transfer globally through M-PESA, the most successful such service anywhere in the world.  Launched in March 2007 as a money transfer service, it now has over 15 million customers and over 37,000 Agent outlets countrywide.
About Britam
Britam is a leading financial services brand distinguished by its reliability, quality of services and distinction. The group provides insurance, retirement benefit, asset management and property solutions through subsidiaries operating in East Africa.  It was the first and only insurance company to attain East African SuperBrand status in 2009 and has maintained East African SuperBrand status in the 2012 awards.
British-American Insurance Kenya is a composite insurer with top tier market share, profitability and assets. It is the leader in the Long term insurance market segment and has won the AKI Company of the year award consecutively since 2007. The company is a leader in Microinsurance having issued over 2 million insurance covers and attracted an ILO Microinsurance grant in 2009. It has also registered tremendous growth in the Short term segment.  British-American Asset Managers is the leading Fund Manager and Unit Trust business in Kenya. Other subsidiaries in the Britam group include Britam Insurance Uganda and Britam Insurance South Sudan.  
About PSI
PSI is a leading global health organization with programs targeting malaria, child survival, HIV, reproductive health and non-communicable disease. Working in partnership within the public and private sectors, and harnessing the power of the markets, PSI provides life-saving products, clinical services and behavior change communications that empower the world’s most vulnerable populations to lead healthier lives. They also run the 260+ Tunza franchises of health providers, some of whom will provide services for Linda Jamii.
About Changamka
Changamka Microhealth Ltd (Changamka) is an integrated Health Finance company, set up to provide financing mechanisms for the delivery of affordable healthcare to the low end of the market using appropriate, innovative technologies. These technologies are primarily mobile phone and smart card based and now includes mobile data capture and electronic data management capabilities.  It is registered as a Medical Insurance Provider (MIP) under the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA); and is the recipient of several awards and grants including the Saving Lives at Birth grant; the Innovation Working Group (IWG) grant and the ILO Microinsurance grant. Changamka was the winner of the MDG 5 innovation award for Kenya in 2010.


  1. It is a great initiative. When your official came to our office on 26th Feb, I couldn’t waste any more time but i grabbed the opportunity instantly. Big up to all those who thought and came up with the scheme.

  2. Awesome policy for mwananchi.would really like to get your contacts/venue for detailed information on the policy.I reside in. Uhuru Estate Eastlsnds.

  3. This is a very good programme . Our clinic has just sighned a contract with one of your field officers . hoping to work together and give your customers the best services. Thanks

  4. Your choice of hospitals are too basic… Especially in Nairobi where the population is a bit informed! Up the game kidogo!

  5. plz people be warned. britam is shit. i took the cover n got disappointed. my son was admitted they refused to pay, then i was admitted n again had to pay my bill. as soon as the cover expired i took resolution health, never will i insure with britam again.

  6. this is a great idea for those who never thought that ever have a medical for their family other than the rich only

  7. angots:

    this is a great idea for those who never thought that ever have a medical for their family other than the rich only


    this is a great idea for those who never thought that ever have a medical for their family other than the rich only

  8. this is a very good idea as our clinic is one of your centres we are looking forward to offer quality and affordable services to your clients here in Nakuru

  9. This is a nice plan and congratulations for the good work. Please let me know the hospital that i can visit in Nairobi. Also the cover is worth how much for both the in patient and out patient. Thanks.


    Mr. Maganjo.

  10. Am overwelmed with your services as I desperately search for one.But am scared with the anonymous comment please what was/is your comment to his appeal.
    Again clarify please does this 12500 @ an cater for myself,wife and my children?
    Write back through a mail please.
    Again which are your clinics in eldoret?

  11. my mobile is 0722430518
    my i/d 01772779
    Definitely we wish to be covered with spouse coroline igoki mputhia
    i/d 3876216
    we both live in mombasa

  12. We are a group in kawangare of 40 + members we all want to join linda jamii , can u arrange your staff to come and expain to members 3rd Sunday afternoon, we can pick them from kawangware if you confirm coming, group member Ibrahim

  13. I’m interested in your product but scared by your client’s comment, that he used his money to pay bills twice. However i would like to know your accredited hospitals in Nairobi and Kiambu county. kindly enlighten me on the enrollment procedure and how long it takes for the cover to mature.

  14. For how long should i wait before starting to enjoy these benefits after enrolment?
    What should i do to start these benefits at ones?
    Which are the accredited hospitals in Nairobi?

  15. lindajamii is a very disappointed insurance I was admitted at tenwek hospital and charge with amount ksh 38,450 but refused to pay for me hospital bill so don’t lieng Kenyans I paid 12,000k on December last year. no cover at all very shameful don’t cheating wanainchi!!!

  16. lindajamii is a very disappointed insurance I was admitted at tenwek hospital and was charge with amount of ksh38,450 but no payment for hospital bill. So don’t lieng Kenyans for telling insurance cover at all I took lindajamii as a corning Kenyans I’m regreting for paying 12,000 on December to lindajamii because now it’s useless, so note this no cover no insurance wajeni kutanganya wanainji


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