Nokia Asha 305/3050 Dual-SIM Phone Review

It doesn’t make sense for Nokia to continue releasing Symbian based devices while the entire industry is shaping towards android and iOS; however we can live with the fact that Nokia Asha 305 won’t cost as much. The phone is slated to cost around 70EUR and for those Nokia diehards; it comes with the robustness that’s typical to the manufacturer’s hardware. It doesn’t have the best specs in its genre, but it can achieve basic telephony functions with modest value additions. It comes with a resistive display screen rather than the now standard capacitive panel, but what do you expect at that price tag? Resistive panels accepts input by sensing pressure on the screen and are cheaper to make while capacitive displays responds to materials which are conductive or dielectric such as a human finger. Nokia Asha 305/3050 is a dual handset, that’s something you’d not expect on any smart phone even the most cherished but expensive  Galaxy SIII and iPhone 4S.

As much as we’re thrilled by Dual SIM functionality at such low prices, sacrifices were enforced where it counts, Nokia Asha 305 doesn’t support 3G networks, so expect frustrating internet connection speeds especially when browsing web-pages. Icons are no different from the rest of Asha siblings; they don’t look as good as Android’s or iPhone’s but we loved the ‘Swipe to shortcuts on Home screen’ tweak. Unlike the popular C3 which also lacks 3G functionality but offers WiFi functionality, Nokia Asha 3050 is locked on 2G GPRS and EDGE, the manufacturer claims speeds of up to 10Mbps but we all know that’s only good on paper. I don’t intent to cast negative aspersions on this device; it remains a big contender in the entry level genre as most of its competitors are hardly any better. The front panel is largely occupied by a 3.0inch touch screen with a sent, combined power and end keys resting below it. There are dedicated volume and lock hardware keys on the side while a 2.0Megapixel camera rests at the back.
Another disappointment on Nokia Asha 305 is the internal storage capacity which’s limited at 10MB though can be extended up to 32GB using a MicroSD card. There’s no flash to support the primary snapper, hence not suitable in dimmer conditions. On the brighter side, surprisingly, Nokia Asha 305 has a workable screen resolution at 240x400pixels translating to 155ppi (pixels per inch) which’s better than most entry level smart phones such as Galaxy Mini and Huawei Ideos Ascend Y-100. Nokia Asha 305 is not the slimmest we’ve seen but at 2.8mm, it can fit perfectly in those skinny jeans without a hassle and you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it. Despite a minimal 32MB ram, Nokia OS is lighter than Android, therefore it should run apps like a fighter jet.
Nokia Asha 305/3050 Features/Specifications;
  • Operating System: Nokia OS (Java, Series 40 web apps)
  • Display : 3.0inch (240x400p) (155ppi) TFT Resistive touch screen, 56k colors
  • Primary Camera: 2.0 Megapixel (1600x1200p)
  • Storage: Up to 32GB MicroSD, 10MB internal, 64MB RAM, 32MB ROM
  • Connectivity: 2G
  • Internet: EDGE, GPRS
  • Battery: Standard Lithium ion 1110.0 mAh
  • Other features: FM Radio with RDS, Dual SIM
Nokia Asha 305Price in Kenya: Kshs.8,000


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