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‘Usitupe Mbao’ Pension Plan from RBA is paid via Mobile Phones

‘Usitupe Mbao’ retirements benefits scheme from RBA targets blue medium and small micro-enterprises (MSMEs) Jua Kali individuals from Kenya’s informal sector, where members pay their contributions using mobile money transfer services, in this case Mpesa and Airtel money. The mbao program is totally voluntary and is aimed to help members save for their retirements with a minimum of Kshs.20/$0.25 daily contributions (mbao is a popular phrase in Kenya meaning Kshs.20/$0.25). There are several insurers in Kenya with low minimum contributions; however, what makes the ‘Usitupe Mbao; Jipange na Mbao Pension plan’ stand out is the mode of payment. As of now, the number of Kenyan’s saving for their retirement is wanting, a case that’s replicated in the entire developing world as well as developed nations. The program gives members what most pensioners failed to achieve; saving for a comfortable retirement in an easy, affordable and convenient way.

Joining/ Registering for Usitupe Mbao Pension plan
Members join the program by paying Ksh.100/$0.82 registration fee, after which, they commit to paying Ksh.100/$0.82 per week (translated to Kshs.20/$0.25 per day in five days, Monday to Friday). Payments can be made via Airtel Money or Mpesa mobile payments systems, other modes of payments are expected to be introduced later. The funds raised by members will be managed and invested on their behalf by service providers appointed by Mbao Trustees and approved by the Retirements Benefits Authority (RBA). Other firms in Kenya using mobile money transfer for their services include Dstv Kenya, Virgin Atlantic/British Airways and Kenya Power Company. Current service providers for this program include;
  • Corporate Trustee: Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Group
  • Investment Managers: Co-op Investment Services limited
  • Custodians: KCB Group
  • Administrators: Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers limited
Saving Via Mpesa
  • load money on your Mpesa account
  • Go to Mpesa Menu
  • Choose Pay Bill
  • Enter the Mpesa Business number 710710
  • Under Account, Enter your National ID No.
  • Enter PIN then Press OK and wait for confirmation SMS.
Saving Via Airtel Money
  • Load Money to your Airtel Money account
  • Go to Airtel Money Menu
  • Choose to make Payments
  • Pay Bill select Other
  • Enter Business Name Mbao
  • Enter the amount and PIN
  • Under Reference, Enter your National ID No.


    • Thanks pastor for your message. Kindly can I get an appointment date where I can come to explain to your congregation. ..on Mbao pension scheme. ..Please contact me Jackie:0729977734

  1. What can i do to recover my money back which i sent to a wrong account. first one to paybill n account 710710 Second one sent ksh300 to22897848 instead of 22897849 mpesa trac noDG67UW604 My no 0720726766.

  2. Comment:I registered through a person on the streets of Nairobi I would like to know whether the registration is genuine, because I would like to save
    my ID no 14687357
    reg. no 133456
    reg. on 25th march 2015

    • Yes is geniune. Incase you need to know or have some one you can contact this number 0729977734 Jackie. We had AGM MEETING ON 28/08/15

  3. Comment:how do I know the registration I did in the streets is genuine? I would like to know because I want to go on saving
    ID no. 14687357
    reg no. 133465
    reg date. 26th march 2015

  4. I want to register for mbao. Can I do that through the phone or I must go n pick up the registration forms from UA offices??

  5. i am daniel one of your savings member.i had sent my details for withdrawal two weeks ago through your kisumu agent as i have been in the scheme for over three years.please i would like to know to expect my money.my details are as follows.
    id no-26621475

  6. i am daniel one of your savings member.i had sent my details for withdrawal two weeks ago through your kisumu agent as i have been in the scheme for over three years.please i would like to know when to expect my money in my account.my details are as follows.
    id no-26621475


  7. Kindly resume replying someone’s balance upon deposit as you used to do previously,the system you introduced of *805*40# is facky and only consuming members money

  8. Comment: Thank to this mbao pension program, bt I don’t get my balance when I need making me worried of continuing saving wit u. pliz help

  9. Hi,

    I need to join but the info is not on eagle africa website. can the forms be downloaded or accessed on soft copy as i need to join.

    Shall appreciate

  10. Hi
    your phone no 0720351335 is always busy, why give the no that can not help us even at night
    Am very disappointed.


  11. Give us a genuine and functional SMS short code and mobile number. is this another rip off from hardworking Kenyans! How will i know how much i have saved if sms is not replied to.?

  12. I have been trying to get through the phone number you have given.
    Never gone through.
    Need to know the status of my savings.
    Am anxious!

  13. kindly give us clear procedures of withdrawal cos sometimes one is in ksm or even Mombasa,and traveling to nrb to fill a withdrawal form is costly and hectic………we pay through the phone so why is it hard to send my cash back after notifying the office i want to withdraw?

  14. Comment:I want to widthraw my money to enable me attend other pressing matters and I have been a member for more than 4 years.what’s the procedure.


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