Relying on Social Networks Business Promotion, Not Good for Entrepreneurs

Social networks continue to experience a steady increase in users whether for business purposes or personal reasons; ideally, they are meant to provide an essential platform for family members, friends, colleagues and business focused individuals to communicate and share personal experiences and ideas. Before the emergence of social networks, people across the world depended on blogs and forums to communicate online; however they were later discouraged by the amount of efforts required to endure in order to feature on first pages of search engines, major search engines such as Google and Yahoo deployed search algorithms that required one to do a lot of SEO as well as write lengthy posts to be on the safe side. Despite these difficulties, there are those who managed to stay relevant in search engine’s eyes and have are doing very fine.

Social networks are good in terms of promoting your goods and services online; however, they should never be a primary and sole means of publicity. I understand today’s entrepreneurs are always looking for a secret formula or a magic spark that can propel their brands to super heights in an already competitive environment; in most cases, they’ve turned to social networks hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel. The world of social networking obviously opened new possibilities for business’s marketing strategies; entrepreneurs who find competition rather too much to beat have had their last resort rest on fans friends and followers from these social networks. The point is, most entrepreneurs feel ‘if they can’t outspend competition, then its still possible to out-friend it ’; the hard truth be told, there are no short cuts to success with any product of any type, social networks such as facebook and twitter have so far gained a wider acceptance and always find a special place in today’s business consultant’s diary.

As a result of limited job opportunities especially in the developing world, entrepreneurship has become a major back up plan for youths aspiring to better their lives and put food on the table. I strongly disagree with an impression created by business consultants suggesting the more fans and friends you have on social networks, the more you are likely to succeed as a young entrepreneur. Social networking should just be a part of several strategies your business intent to pursue in creating awareness of products and services; a simple example is when you are targeting new customers, its probable your friends already know what you are offering, and why they are not buying? It’s up to you to find out. If you ask me, your friends may have already used or acquired the products and services you are offering, new customers will do you good. The most viable method to overcome business downs is by doing a simple research i.e. studying the market trend as well as asking those who have succeed to share strategies they used to build their products and service’s market share.


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