Panasonic Lumix 101P Android Smart Phone

The latest droid device from Panasonic has undoubtedly raised benchmarks defining digital cameras on smart phones in high-end genre; Panasonic Lumix 101P smart phone features an actual 13.0-Megapixel digital camera up from 8.0-megapixel commonly associated with high-end Android devices. The handset maker was very keen in ensuring Panasonic Lumix 101P phone stays abreast despite a very competitive market segment by encapsulating flourished features such as a 1GHz dual core processor instead of a scrawny single core processor inside most handsets falling in its genre. Despite major industry players such as Samsung introducing powerful devices such as Galaxy Note that drastically raised benchmarks for high-end smart phones, Panasonic Lumix 101P smart phone has managed to outshine them considering its 13.0-megapixels camera with enormous capabilities comparable to a dedicated digital camera.

Apart from a mouthwatering 13.0-megapixels digital camera with enormous capabilities on Panasonic Lumix 101P phone, it features additional flourished features and functionalities such as a 4 inch QHD (960X540 pixels) display screen coinciding with most devices in its category. A 4inch display panel is reasonably perfect for a smart phone in its genre though not as big as that of Galaxy Note which elicited mixed reactions leaving consumers in disarray when determining whether the device was a smart phone or a tablet. Panasonic Lumix 101P runs on Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system, it’s not yet clear whether the OS is upgradeable and why Panasonic decided not to offer v2.3.5 instead at this point in time. It’s housed in a waterproof body that eliminates dangers of accidental leakage experienced on most devices out there; in addition, Panasonic Lumix 101P’s camera is enhanced by CMOS Lumix sensor and mobile Venus engine which guarantees images with superior image quality. In an effort to cater for variant user preferences, Panasonic Lumix 101P comes in different colors so you choose one that suits your style.
It’s obvious this handset houses the best digital camera currently in the industry, but what’s expected to amaze most consumers on Panasonic Lumix 101P, is its ability to receive digital television frequencies. You’ll be able to tune into your favorite digital television channel once you get this phone; on top of that, it supports ultra speed internet connection of up to 21Mbps. Additional features include; Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, IEEE802.11b/g/n WiFi, Infrared connection, e-wallet and a MicroSDHC card slot; Panasonic Lumix 101P encompasses almost all features that you’ll ever need. The manufacturer has already unveiled Panasonic Lumix 101P in Japan with no word on other markets.
Panasonic Lumix 101P Features/Specifications;
·        Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system
·        1GHz dual core processor
·        13.0-Megapixel camera ()
·        4 inch QHD LCD screen (960×540 pixels), Digital TV receiver
·        IEEE802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR,
·        MicroSDHC card slot, Waterproof body
 Panasonic Lumix 101P Price in Kenya:


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