Kenya Data Networks (KDN) State of the Art Eco Friendly Data Center

After several months of waiting, Kenya Data Networks has officially unveiled its state of the art Eco friendly data center aimed at relieving the East and Central Africa’s region from over reliant on European providers. The new data center is located in Nairobi Kenya at Sameer Park off Mombasa road and is intended to offer software and applications hosting services for both local and international businesses. If all undertakings go on as planned, the Kenya Data Network’s eco friendly data center will spare the region from troubles associated to seeking data back up services from Europe and US. The facility will offer world class services to corporate customers, financial institutions and at the same time guaranteeing data safety and security. It’s estimated that most institutions spend more than three percent of their budgets on disaster management (recovery planning)

With the introduction of KDN data center, institutions will get top class services as well a reliable shield from unnecessary budget spending due to disaster recovery planning. In addition, the data center is determined to offer reliable and convenient services to corporate clients who are currently in dire need for world class services in the region, KDN targets regional clients from Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda and Rwanda as well as international telecoms in need for point of presence solution. In addition, the data center will provide physical space to clients with communication equipments and hardware intending to offer application services to their customers. Over the past few years, Kenya has attracted numerous ICT projects in the city especially Mombasa road ranging from outsourcing firms such as Kencall, Horizon Contact Center and KenTech otherwise known as TechnoBrain and Kenya Data Networks data center comes as a plus.
According to KDN data center Manager Johan Badenhorst, while the facility will strive to offer physical space to clients with communication equipments and hardware, the product scope will be limited to providing dual input power, elaborate security system and enough room air. He also indicated the data center will be offered as ready to use sever room space equipped with constant power cooling and fire suppression features ensuring clients services are not interfered by machine stoppage. The facility is said to have cost KDN an estimated whooping Ksh.600 million, however, its returns are anticipated to be reasonable. To sum up the data center’s anticipated fortunes is its eco friendly technology; the facility is mainly powered by solar eliminating effects caused by unclean power such oil. In addition, KDN data center utilized a bomb proof structure ensuring the facility remains intact incase of bomb attack. Solar energy will cut down gas emission ensuring a clean environment. KDN also partnered with Teldor cables and systems to supply and deploy fibre optic network to be used at the facility.


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