Huawei Honor U8860 Android Smart Phone Reviewed and Compared

Huawei has beefed up its Android based line of products by introducing a more enhanced Huawei Honor U8860 smart phone featuring a 1.4GHz single core processor. The handset maker has been very aggressive of late in a very competitive Android market segment by introducing variant products ranging from high-end smart phones to entry-level devices. Unlike its sibling Vision 3D which boasts of having the manufacturer’s proprietary 3D user interface and a modest 1GHz processor, Huawei Honor was designed to offer the best user experience in terms of performance comparable to its peers on the market. As the Android based smart phones bench marks continue to rise at unpredictable pace, its very unlikely devices featuring modest processors less than 1GHz will continue to survive competition. Huawei Honor’s arrival is therefore timely and it’s expected to gather a reasonable ground among other devices in its genre.

As I’ve earlier indicated, Huawei Honor U8860 houses some of the best components in the industry compared to its siblings; it has an 8.0-Megapixel rear camera which is 3.0-megapixels more than that of its sibling Vision 3D(5.0-Megapixel), on top of that, Huawei Honor U8860 has an additional 2.0-Megapixel front facing camera essentially for video calls and video charting. The 8.0-Megapixel rear facing camera is also enhanced by HDR functionality, it also houses a 4 inch FWVGA capacitive touch screen designed to produce up to 16m colors and display images at 16:9 true color high definition. The display screen is indisputably larger than its sibling’s 3.7 inch despite 3D user interface functionality. Vision 3D has enjoyed a considerable applause from consumers who are glued to Huawei’s low priced devices; however, Huawei Honor U8860 is highly anticipated to take over the pride. In addition, it comes with the latest update of Android v2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system compared to its sibling’s v2.3.
Huawei took a considerable attention towards designing Huawei Honor U8860; it’s housed in a slim body measuring only 10.9mm and weighs 140g. The device comes with 512 RAM onboard and supports DLNA technology which allows sharing of content such as photos, videos and music files with other compatible devices including game consoles, TV’s and digital cameras. On top of the above flourished features, Huawei Honor U8860 features Gyroscope essentially for better gaming experience and a dynamic weather widget to keep users at purr with changes around them.
Huawei Honor U8860 Features/Specifications;
  • Android v2.3.5 Gingerbread operating system
  • 1.4GHz single core processor
  • 4 inch FWVGA capacitive touch screen
  • 8.0-Megapixel rear camera enhanced by HDR functionality
  • 2.0-Megapixel front facing camera essentially for video chatting and calls
  • DLNA technology, 512 RAM, 4GB internal storage capacity
  • 3G enabled (with HSPA), WiFi and Bluetooth
Huawei Honor U8860 Price in Kenya:


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