Huawei HiLink E353, World’s First Plug and Link Data Card

Huawei seems to be doing a lot of homework lately following the release of HiLink E353 and B593 Wireless Broadband Router featuring latest cutting edge technologies in the industry. B593 Wireless Router was the first device with wireless technology in the industry; on the other hand, the new Huawei HiLink E353 Modem boasts of Plug and Link technology, it connects users to the internet automatically in less than 15 minutes when inserted into the USB port. The plug and link feature completely eliminates the tedious driver installation, dial in process and manual configurations; HiLink E353 Modem is therefore regarded as best for non IT experienced users. The communications technology service provider’s continued embrace of unused technologies on its proprietary devices has made it the pioneer and mentor in the industry with a back up of a several patented technologies.

There has not been much emphasis on broadband router technology innovation as major telephony manufacturer’s engage in production of Android powered devices in anticipation to record a noticeable presence in the market segment. On its part, Huawei’s introduction of HiLink E353 data card is deemed beneficial to the manufacturer considering ignorance the segment continue to receive from potential data card makers. In addition, Huawei HiLink E353 data card supports GPRS/EDGE/GSM and HSPA+ networks, it offers up to 21Mbps download speed on HSPA+ connection. The most amazing aspect of this device is its ability to connect users on the internet within 15 seconds by eliminating need for dial up and manual configurations; compared with standard data cards, Huawei HiLink E353 wireless router saves connection time by offering more than 75 percent faster internet connection time in comparison to standard devices.
According to Wu Shimin President of Mobile broadband Huawei device, the manufacturer was more committed in offering consumers with products that ease the optimal user experience, he also added the company had been on the fore front in implementing the industry’s leading technologies keeping their customers expectations at heart. The Huawei HiLink E353 wireless router technology was as a result of more than a year comprehensive research and development, apart from enhancing user’s experience, the data card is poised to reduce provider’s back-end maintenance and development costs while speeding up UI customization. Shipment of the Huawei HiLink E353 data card is expected to start with Turkey and then the entire world.
Huawei HiLink E353 Data Card Features/Specifications;
  • Support GPRS/EDGE/GSM and HSPA+
  • Up to 21Mbps on HSPA+
  • Less than 15 seconds internet connection time
  • Automatic internet connection, no need for dial up
  • Plug and Link technology
Huawei HiLink E353 Modem Price in Kenya:


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