Huawei B593, World’s First Wireless Broadband Router

The introduction of Huawei B593, world’s first broadband router has so far sparked a major development in the telecommunications sector allowing service providers increase their subscribers’ base without necessarily having a fixed network infrastructure. Previously, routers required a fixed network infrastructure to enable consumers’ access broadband internet connection from the operator. The new Huawei B593 wireless broadband router supports Long Term Evolution (LTE TDD)/ 4th Generation (4G) network and FDD to offer an amazing download speed of up to 100M, the router provides WiFi access to 32 devices as well as personal computers connected via an Ethernet cable. LTE TDD technology is gaining worldwide recognition with most service providers upgrading their infrastructures to comply with the new platform.

Huawei B593 wireless router perfectly suits home entertainment needs by providing simultaneous high speed internet connection to multiple devices via WiFi as well as functioning as an information exchange hub; in addition, users are able to transmit or stream live videos and download HD quality videos, TV shows, Movies in just a few minutes. Introduction of Huawei B593 router has been facilitated by the partnership of Huawei and Mobily (Saudi Arabia’s largest service provider with presence in UAE through Etisalat) to allow customers access internet at super fast connection speed. For those who own small businesses or want to use Huawei B593 for SOHO purposes, the device perfectly suits their intentions and adds options of using it on Fax, VOIP telephone or other office equipments. LTE networks are known to record amazing internet connection speed estimated to be above ten times that of 3G networks, you can download a HD video clips within minutes which could otherwise take hours on 3G and days on 2G network.
According to GuangPing Huawei’s head of mobile broadband LTE division, the Huawei B593 offers bandwidth similar to that of a fixed bandwidth, and to add up some extra features, operators are able to expand their subscriber base in a more flexible way without incurring additional costs. He also indicated LTE technology had helped the company get core technology patents adding to a few vendors who can provide both LTE TDD and LTE FDD.
Huawei B593 Wireless Broadband Router Features/Specifications;
  • LTE TDD/LTE FDD technology
  • Up to 100M download speed
  • Connects up to 32 devices to internet via WiFi
  • Works with other office equipments such as fax and printer
  • Wireless, no need for fixed network infrastructure
Huawei B593 Price in Kenya:


  1. Thanks for the article.
    This seems like a device I wont mind having in my car. I hate having a modem on my laptop. Any idea where one might get one in town?


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