Airtel 1 time shopping virtual Debit Master Card

Kenyan online payment progress is bound to get a major boost after the country’s second largest mobile service provider joined forces with Standard Chartered bank and the world’s leading payment solution provider Master Card to allow Airtel money customers pay for goods and services online using a virtual pre-paid card. The virtual card operates off a mobile wallet bringing onboard majority of un-banked population in Africa; the service will however be available only in Kenya before spreading across Africa. E-commerce in Africa has experienced harsh business conditions brought forth by lack of established trustable online payment solutions such as Master card and Visa Card; despite these payment solutions being popular abroad, they’ve always been a fairy tale to African citizens with only a handful of upper economic class appreciating their presence.

Airtel Money mobile payment service has been grappling under the mighty of Safaricom’s Mpesa superiority in Kenya caused by its late entrance and lack of innovation; but in this case, the partnership between Master Card, Standard Chartered Bank and the mobile service provider to unveil a virtual prepaid Airtel 1 time shopping card comes as a relief to customers and hope for Airtel Money growth. In addition, Airtel’s 1 time shopping virtual Master card will not only connect millions of potential customers to the online market place but take advantage of the unexplored market segment which promises more than 400 million customers. The most amazing aspect of this development to Airtel money customers in Africa is the ability to make online purchases from countless Master card merchants across the globe; something you had to sweat to accomplish.
In order to take advantage of Airtel 1 time shopping virtual Master card, you’ll be required to request a single to use shopping card number; the system will then automatically generate a special 16 digit number that will complete the transaction, a confirmation message will then be send to your mobile phone. A combination of a stable financial body service from Standard Chartered Bank and a widely recognized and acceptable Master Card payment solution are the key pillars expected to drive Airtel 1 time shopping virtual Master card to higher heights across Africa. This service is available to Airtel Money registered customers and expires within 24 hours; unregistered Airtel subscribers can always register free of charge and take advantage of Airtel 1 time shopping virtual Master card.
Airtel 1 time shopping virtual Master Card Transaction Charges;
  • Kshs.1 to Kshs.4000: Kshs.80
  • Kshs.4001 to Kshs.8000: Kshs.110
  • Kshs.8001 to Kshs.16000: Kshs.130
  • Kshs.16001 to Kshs.24000: Kshs.160
  • Kshs.24001 to Kshs.35000: Kshs.180


  1. I am Daniel Sakuda. I wish to let you know that, Go-TV is a big letdown. I bought my fully reloaded decoder in December 2011 but since then, I’ve never fully enjoyed their services. I thought to give it a try by abandoning my SMART-TV as I thought it will give me better services only to realize that, I am wrong or mistaken.

    I kept on calling customer care and they sent a person to install and adjust the channels only to realize that, the person sold a settlite booster at 3500 shillings which even never worked. The decoder was actually changed from the one I bought as it had problems, now I am using the SMART TV which have more channels plus more sport channels.

    I can be reached through: 0722 846 966. I never enjoyed your services at all.

  2. I urgently need to know what different channels I should be able to access by upgrading from the 600/= package to the 850/= because I honestly cannot get this information anywhere, DSTV continues to treat its customers like we are a bother because whenever I call I cannot reach any customer service person to talk to and I have to endure listening to this woman on the other side of the line who just gives me instructions which do not help….and nowhere in their website do they show what new channels one is to access by upgrading the subscription….HELP PLEASE!!


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