Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 Android Smart Phone

Samsung has finally introduced a new budget Gravity SGH-T589 smart phone that operates on Android operating system to its extensive line of products in a move expected to attract more smart phone customers henceforth increasing its sales. The new Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 handset is powered by a 600MHz Qualcomm MSM7227 processor and Froyo Android operating system to provide unmatched performance and capabilities. It is yet to be clear whether current Samsung Gravity SGHT-T589 handsets will have Gingerbread version of Android or if it will maintain froyo.
Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 comes in a unique design featuring maroon, grey or sapphire blue colored and a matte that presents metal-like sheen at specific lighting ratio. It has a 3.2inch capacitive touch screen capable of up to 320x480pixel resolution a feature common in most low-end Android powered smart-phones. In addition, Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 Android smart phone has a distinct slide-out QWERTY keyboard with four rows and flat oval shaped rubber keys that are more ergonomic thereby enhancing user experience. Just incase you don’t like typing; Samsung Gravity SGH T589 presents a built in swype on screen keyboard at your disposal.

Samsung Gravity SGH T589 supports both EDGE and HSDPA internet connections to offer fast browsing and download speed. The 802.11b/g/n WiFi feature lets you establish wireless internet connections whether at home, work or in a cyber café. Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 runs on Android froyo operating system which currently has an extensive applications market to choose from.

Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 Android Smart Phone Features/Specifications;

·        Qualcomm MSM7227 Processor running at 600MHz speed
·        Android froyo operating system which has an extensive range of applications available either pre-installed or downloadable from online stores.
·        Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 has 3.2 inch capacitive TFT touch screen capable of 320x480pixels resolution and up 16m colors.
·        Another pro of Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 is its QWERTY keyboard which has oval shaped flat rubber keys for efficient typing with an option of using a built in swype on screen keyboard.
·        802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi enabled to establish wireless connection to the internet at home, work or cyber café.
·        102MB of free internal storage as well 2GB external MicroSD card which comes with Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 sales package.
Samsung Gravity SGH-T589 Android Smart Phone Price in Kenya: Kshs.



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