Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 Android Smart Phone

The arrival of Samsung M Pro B7800 Android device has left many competitors second guessing while consumers contemplating and appreciating its unique slim stylish design; it features a full QWERTY keypad and measures 9.97mm thick. Indeed this new handset is conforming to Samsung’s new naming procedure falling in an entry level genre; however looking at Samsung M Pro B7800’s features, it should be among the middle range phones, but what can I say, sometimes cheap is good after all the manufacturer is well recognized for quality. Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 was released together with its sibling Galaxy W .

Although it falls short of features available on Galaxy W such as 1GHz processor and its 7.2Mbs HSDPA 3G connection speed, Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 boasts of a QWERTY keypad advantage which allow users to comfortably type at tremendous speed compared with standard mobile phone keypad. The new tweaks made on this device makes it more suitable as a business phone rather than an entertainment device; like I’ve indicated in my previous posts, a strong manufacturer will be gauged by his ability to produce innovative devices with a wider market target scope, apparently, Samsung isn’t doing bad at all.

Galaxy W probably found its way to a prestigious middle range genre due to the processor speed and enhanced 3G connection speed, on the other hand, most features are the same with its entry level Galaxy M Pro B7800 sibling. It has a 2.66 inch LCD touch screen supporting 480×320 pixel resolution with an optical trackpad. Considering Samsung M Pro’s business affiliation, consumers will also be offered a variety of enterprise solutions that include exchange active sync, Sybase Afaria, CISCO mobile and CISCO WebEx.

Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 Features/Specifications;
  • Android v2.3 Gingerbread operating system
  • 1.0GHz processor
  • 2.66 inch LCD touch screen
  • 5.0-megapixel camera
  • 3G enabled, 7.2Mbps on HSDPA
  • 3.0 Bluetooth
Samsung Galaxy M Pro B7800 Price in Kenya:


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