Samsung ChatON Messaging Service for Blackberry, Android and iOS

All indications suggest Samsung is headed to try its luck in the mobile messaging market with its ChatON messaging service, the application combines video sharing, image sharing and texting services to devices running on iOS such as iphone, ipad and ipod, Android operating system, Blackberry devices and its very own Samsung Bada operating system. Samsung ChatON application will become available in two versions; a basic version for feature phones and a more advanced version that will enable smart phone users to update their profiles, comment on other profiles, send animated messages as well as visualize their frequently contacted friends. This development could be a milestone in Samsung’s computing history bringing the much needed diversification of their products and services which is actually a good thing in a very competitive industry.

In what looks like a well calculated ambitious move, Samsung ChatON messaging service application will be further enhanced to have a different web-based version supporting personal computers. More than 120 countries are expected to enjoy Samsung’s ChatON application which supports up to 62 languages as of now. The ChatOn service is anticipated to spur a revolution in the mobile messaging market segment among industry players with hope to stay abreast of each other technologically. Gauging from Samsung’s strategy, it is expected newer Smart phones from the manufacturer running on its Bada operating system will come with a pre-installed version of ChatON application; this will obviously have a significant boost in marketing Samsung’s mobile devices. Unlike common mobile messengers, ChatON offers additional features such as sharing content through the box, profile commenting to your buddies and family.
I must reckon Samsung’s ability to introduce a new application with support for various platforms; on rare occasion you’ll find a manufacturer unveiling a new product to the market supporting different platforms other than its own. As much as competitors would want to term Samsung’s development as a mere marketing strategy for its own Bada devices, ChatON messaging service is anticipated to have a wide acceptance considering its initial compatibility with most known devices Blackberry and those running on Bada, Android and iOS operating systems. One of the amazing features of ChatON application is its ability to show the frequency of conversations in a balloon enhanced by intimate position feature.
Samsung’s ChatON Application Features;
·        Intimate position feature showing the frequency of conversations
·        Support for Blackberry devices and those running on iOS, Android and Bada operating system
·        Support for multimedia content
·        Trunk group based content storage space
·        Chat room that you’ll find friends
·        Support for animated messages
·        Micro community mobile oriented services


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