The new Toshiba Thrive Tablet with WiFi

Despite the newly unveiled Toshiba Thrive being the first tablet announced this year at CES; it has come in late among Android tablets that are driven by Honeycomb OS, this has hampered its efforts to being registered among brands to be watched for. One feature that gives Toshiba Thrive a distinct edge over other tablets in its category is its design featuring a textured and rubberized back panel which can be swapped with a flashier color. In comparison with other tablets running on Honeycomb and Android, Toshiba Thrive is a little pricy, a factor that limits its popularity among tablets users.
Toshiba Thrive gives users opportunity to easily change battery; a feature exclusive providing the much needed stronghold against other tablets on the market. It has a flexible USB and HDMI ports with an SD card slot a feature lacking on many tablets. One major pro of Toshiba Thrive that can not go unmentioned is its availability with various storage capacity options depending on your needs and pocket size; available storage capacity include; 8GB, 16GB and 32GB.

Despite Thrive being thick almost like a laptop, it is regarded to be the fastest tablet released this year. Equipped with SDXC and a USB port for synchronizing with other devices, Toshiba Thrive ensures seamless sharing of files providing the much needed compatibility for maximum user satisfaction.

Toshiba Thrive Features/Specifications;

·        nVidia Tegra 2 Dual-Core Processor running at 1GHz speed enough to multitask applications on Toshiba Thrive.
·        Android operating system giving Toshiba Thrive access to countless Android applications available on the extensive Android market place.
·        Toshiba Thrive is built with USB port, mini-USB port, HDMI ports, and SDXC card slot necessary for synchronization with other devices.
·        Toshiba Thrive is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB depending on your pocket and needs.
·        10.1-inch display screen that is touch sensitive and supports 16:10 at 1280×800-pixel resolution.
·        5.0 mega-pixel rear camera

Toshiba Thrive (WiFi only) Price in Kenya;

·        8GB $429.99
·        16GB $479.99
·        32GB $579.99


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