Huawei E583c Mobile WiFi Hotspot

Broadband internet connection has revolutionized the way we connect and use internet on computers or mobile devices and there are various methods of establishing such connections i.e. using a WiFi hotspot. Huawei E583c mobile WiFi hotspot is a very essential device which allows friends, family members or even colleagues to share mobile broadband connection anywhere. Huawei is a leading Chinese telecommunications company which has been on the fore front in producing quality communication devices such as Huawei E583c mobile WiFi hotspot.

Huawei E583c provides WiFi connectivity to a HSPA 3.5G enabling any WiFi compatible device to access broadband internet. In comparison with other mobile WiFi devices, Huawei E583c tops in my opinion; it can support five different WiFi devices with an option of connecting a sixth device simultaneously using a USB cable. Its capability is further enhanced by its support for up to 32GB MicroSD card just incase you wish to use Huawei E853c as a storage device.
Huawei E853c mobile WiFi hotspot provides detailed information on connectivity status using a 1inch OLED screen; battery charge information is also available through the OLED screen. Huawei E853c clearly outperforms other 3G mobile hotspot devices in the industry by offering 5.67 Mbps upload speed and 7.2Mbps download speed; however the upload and download speed entirely depend on signal strength.
Huawei E583c Mobile WiFi Hotspot Features/Specifications;
  • OLED display screen which provides detailed information on connection and battery status.
  • Huawei E853c supports an external MicroSD card up to 32GB
  • 5.6Mbps upload speed and 7.2Mbps download speed
  • 128MB internal memory and 64MB flash memory
  • Built in WCDMA and WLAN high gain antennae
Huawei E583c Mobile WiFi Hotspot Price in Kenya: $149



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