Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (Thunderbolt)

After the introduction of Apple MacBook Air 11inch with thunderbolt, most netbooks looked out-fashioned as other laptops running on low voltage processors welcomed a new hurdle on their way to success. The new Apple MacBook Air 11inch laptop comes with a new OS X Lion processor which is an upgraded version of Intel i5 processor featuring thunderbolt high speed data transfer technology. The new OS X Lion processor associates various benefits to Apple MacBook Air 11inch including improved processing and integrated graphics capabilities.

So far, Apple has been very keen to maintain a super slim design used on previous Apple MacBook Air 11inch siblings measuring only 0.68×11.8×7.56inches and weigh about 2.32 pound making it not only thinner but lighter compared with other laptops in the industry. In addition, Apple MacBook Air 11inch with thunderbolt comes with an 11.6inch LED backlit display panel delivering the best brilliant and vibrant colors with wider viewing angles. At 1366×768 pixel screen resolution, I consider Apple MacBook Air 11inch (Thunderbolt) standard; however, users may experience some bit of glare caused by a glossy screen.
While comparing Apple MacBook Air 11inch keyboard with its predecessor siblings, there is no substantial difference and the black matte-finish tile keys are still considerably efficient offering a smooth typing experience. The manufacturer decided to slightly alter the row containing half size function keys incorporating two new brightness controls for the backlight. I should also comment Appleā€™s ability to maintain a full size trackpad a feature other competitors have tried in vain.
Apple MacBook Air 11-inch (Thunderbolt) Features/Specifications;
  • 1.6GHz Intel core i5-2467M processor
  • Mac OS X 10.7 Operating system
  • 2GB RAM
  • 11.6inch display panel
  • Apple MacBook Air 11inch comes with a 64GB hard drive storage capacity
  • 2 USB ports
Apple MacBook Air 11inch Price in Kenya:


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