How to get free internet on Airtel Kenya

Airtel Kenya Free InternetAirtel Kenya has been very generous than any other mobile service provider when it comes to internet as far as I can tell, it’s the only network offering a totally free internet service with high-speed 3G connections. I’ve been very curious and excited to use the free internet service since its inception to the extent of stumbling upon a very rewarding discovery. Airtel’s free internet service is available on a daily basis starting from 6am stretching until 8am, subscribers who opt into the service get to the maximum of 80mb worth of Airtel’s data bundles at no cost. That having been said, how about getting 100mb worth of Airtel’s data bundles at no cost, personally, I’d say wonderful, I am sure we share same sentiments for those who must surf at some point and wouldn’t mind sharing later in this post, but first let’s see the ‘legal’ way.

How to Subscribe to Airtel’s ‘Good Morning Kenya bundle’ Free Internet Service

  • Airtel subscribers may opt into the service by sending a text message “Good Morning” to 544
  • A confirmation text ‘You have been successfully subscribed to the Good Morning Kenya bundle. You will now enjoy free 80mb data bundle every morning from 6am to 8am’ is sent back once the service has been activated from 544.

Now here is my trick to get 100mb daily free internet bundle from Airtel valid until mid-night.

  • This trick may only work on lines that haven’t been subscribed to the Good Morning Kenya bundle, first you’ll need to subscribe to Airtel’s club 20 service for 100mb and 20 SMS for Kshs20 by dialing *120#.
  • Once the club 20 service is active, wait till morning between 6am and 8am then send ‘Good Morning’ to 544.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation text, just check your data bundle by dialing *120#.

The service will be renewed daily at no cost for 100mb valid until midnight – enjoy.


  1. Comment:The trick no longer works.However,if you really need bundles so argently, you can get free 15mbs or sometimes 6mbs with Airtel. Just go to the updated xender application,turn on AIRTEL data connection(if you don’t have bundles) and go to help and feedback, it will scan for a while and Adcom data will appear on top there.Scrawl down until you find an AIRTEL video to play. play it.Once it is complete, you will receive a notification that you have successfully subscribed to that bundle. Leave a comment if this trick works.


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