Streamlined Booking Process: How to Book Jambojet Flights Online

Planning a trip with Jambojet has never been easier, thanks to our user-friendly online booking system. Whether you’re jetting off for business or leisure, our platform simplifies the process, allowing you to secure your flights conveniently from the comfort of your home. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the seamless steps to book your Jambojet flights online, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.

Quick Summary:

  • Booking Jambojet flights online is a breeze with our intuitive website interface.
  • Follow the step-by-step guide to select your desired flights, input passenger details, and finalize your booking.
  • Payment options include Visa, Mastercard, M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Equitel, or cash-over-the-counter at any Jambojet office.
  • For inquiries or assistance, reach out to our customer care team via phone or visit our website for additional contact information.

How to Book Online:

Booking your Jambojet flights online offers unmatched convenience and flexibility. Follow these simple steps to reserve your seats:

  1. Check Availability:
    • Visit to begin the booking process.
    • The booking widget is conveniently located on the top menu bar of every page for easy access.
    • Enter your departure location and desired destination, along with your travel dates.
  2. Select Flights:
    • Browse through the available flight options displayed on the screen.
    • Use the arrow buttons to view flights on different dates if needed.
    • Choose your preferred outbound and inbound flights by clicking on the corresponding buttons.
  3. Review Booking Details:
    • Before proceeding, review the fare breakdown and fare rules provided on the page.
    • Accept the terms and conditions of the booking.
  4. Enter Passenger Details:
    • Input all required details for each passenger, ensuring accuracy to match ID or passport information.
    • Select baggage allocation for each traveler, indicating if checked baggage will be carried.
  5. Pick A Seat:
    • Optionally, select preferred seats for you and your companions by clicking on the seat(s) of your choice.
    • Skip this step if you prefer to proceed without seat selection.
  6. Contact Details:
    • Enter your contact information, including up-to-date details for all passengers.
    • This information will be used for all communication regarding your booking.
  7. Review & Pay:
    • Choose your preferred mode of payment from options including Visa, Mastercard, M-Pesa, Airtel Money, Equitel, or cash-over-the-counter.
    • Complete the transaction by clicking on “Purchase.”
    • An itinerary containing your selected travel details will be sent to you promptly.

Jambojet M-Pesa Paybill Number: For customers opting to pay via M-Pesa, please use the following Paybill number: 737700.

Jambojet Contacts

For inquiries or assistance, feel free to contact customer care team at:

  • Phone: 0711 024 501, 0711 024 545, 0730 804 545.

Final Thoughts:

Booking your Jambojet flights online provides unmatched convenience and flexibility, allowing you to plan your travels with ease. Our intuitive platform, coupled with various payment options and responsive customer care, ensures a seamless booking experience from start to finish. So, whether you’re flying solo or with companions, trust Jambojet to make your journey memorable and stress-free.


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