Senate Probes Alleged Irregularities in CAK’s Recruitment Process

The Senate Committee on National Cohesion has launched an investigation into the recruitment practices of the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) following allegations of favoritism and irregularities in the selection process for the position of Director General. The probe comes in response to concerns raised regarding the inclusion of applicants who did not meet the initial qualifications, raising questions about the transparency and fairness of the recruitment exercise.

Quick Summary:

  • Allegations of Favoritism: The Committee is scrutinizing CAK’s recruitment process amid claims that the Authority may have favored certain applicants for the Director General position by reintroducing candidates who initially failed to meet the requirements.
  • Examination of Tendering Process: Senators are seeking details regarding the tendering process for the procurement of recruitment services by CAK, aiming to ascertain the fairness and integrity of the procedures followed.
  • Concerns Raised by Senators: Chairman of the Cohesion Committee, Mohamed Chute, highlighted concerns over the inclusion of applicants who did not meet the initial qualifications and the removal of certain requirements, raising questions about the integrity of the selection process.

Investigative Proceedings:

During the committee session, senators expressed dissatisfaction with CAK’s response to the summons, as the chairman, Shaka Kariuki, delegated representation to the acting DG and Director of Corporate Services. The committee insisted that Chairman Kariuki should personally address the allegations and provide clarifications on the recruitment process.

Senator Raphael Chimera raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest, particularly noting that the acting DG is among the applicants under scrutiny, suggesting that his involvement in addressing the concerns could compromise the investigation’s impartiality.

Way Forward:

The committee has set a deadline of seven days for Chairman Kariuki and the Principal Secretary to appear before them and address the questions raised regarding the recruitment process. Mohamed Chute emphasized that if CAK is found to have favored certain applicants, the recruitment exercise may need to be repeated to ensure fairness and adherence to meritocratic principles.


The Senate’s investigation into the alleged irregularities in CAK’s recruitment process underscores the importance of transparency, accountability, and adherence to established procedures in public sector appointments. As the probe unfolds, it is imperative for CAK to cooperate fully with the committee and provide comprehensive explanations to address the concerns raised. Ultimately, the outcome of the investigation will determine the integrity of CAK’s recruitment practices and uphold the principles of fairness and meritocracy in public appointments.


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