Safaricom Directs Android Smartphone Users to Unblock M-Pesa Messages from Spam Folders


In a bid to address a recent issue affecting its customers, Safaricom PLC has issued instructions for Android smartphone users who have been experiencing difficulties receiving M-Pesa messages. The telecommunications giant acknowledged that some customers using third-party SMS apps on Android devices were not receiving messages directly into their inboxes. This announcement comes amidst concerns over recurring disruptions to the Safaricom platform, particularly concerning M-Pesa services.

Quick Summary:

Steps to Unblock M-Pesa Messages from Spam Box

Safaricom has outlined simple steps for affected customers to unblock M-Pesa messages from their spam folders:

1. Open SMS App:

Affected users are instructed to open their SMS app on their Android smartphones.

2. Check Spam and Unblocked Folder:

Next, customers are advised to check their Spam and Unblocked folders within the SMS app.

3. Unblock Safaricom and M-Pesa Messages:

Customers should locate any Safaricom or M-Pesa messages in the spam folder and proceed to unblock them.

4. Subsequent Messages in Main Inbox:

Once unblocked, all subsequent messages from Safaricom and M-Pesa will be directed to the main inbox.

Implications and Concerns

The recurring disruptions to Safaricom’s platform, including recent M-Pesa service interruptions, have raised concerns among consumers and technology experts alike. Moses Kemibaro, a technology expert, expressed worry over the unprecedented nature of the disruptions, noting that they occurred back-to-back within a short timeframe. Speculations have emerged regarding the possible reasons behind these disruptions, including integration of tax systems by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) into the M-Pesa pay bill platform.

Final Thoughts

Safaricom’s proactive approach in addressing issues affecting its customers is commendable. By providing clear instructions to Android smartphone users experiencing difficulties with M-Pesa messages, the telecommunications company aims to ensure seamless communication and service delivery. However, concerns over the recurring disruptions underscore the importance of robust infrastructure and contingency plans to mitigate such incidents in the future. As Safaricom continues to navigate challenges in its platform, maintaining transparency and swift resolution of issues remain paramount to upholding customer trust and satisfaction.


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