Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa Inaugurated as Meru University Chancellor

In a vibrant ceremony filled with pomp and significance, Meru University of Science and Technology welcomed its new Chancellor, Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom. Stepping into the shoes of his predecessor, James Mwangi, former CEO of Equity Bank, Ndegwa was entrusted with the esteemed role, symbolized by the presentation of traditional instruments of power and authority. This inauguration marks not just a change in leadership but also heralds a promising chapter for the university, poised to advance in the realms of science and technology under Ndegwa’s stewardship.

Quick Summary:

  • Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa inaugurated as the new Chancellor of Meru University, succeeding James Mwangi.
  • The ceremony was attended by notable dignitaries, including government officials and university administrators.
  • Ndegwa pledges to enhance the university’s focus on science and technology education and foster digital skills development.

Paving the Path for Progress:

The transition of leadership from James Mwangi to Peter Ndegwa signifies a pivotal moment for Meru University, a journey from past achievements to future aspirations. As Ndegwa assumes the mantle of Chancellor, the institution anticipates a transformative era under his guidance. His appointment, endorsed by President William Ruto, underscores a commitment to steering the university towards excellence in academia and innovation.

Embracing Innovation and Growth:

In his inaugural address, Ndegwa articulated his vision to propel Meru University into a dynamic hub for science and technology. Recognizing the burgeoning student population and the evolving landscape of education, he emphasizes the importance of equipping learners with digital skills essential for the contemporary workforce. With Safaricom’s resources and expertise, Ndegwa pledges to introduce innovative programs aimed at nurturing talent and fostering a conducive learning environment.

Honoring Legacy, Embracing Change:

As Ndegwa embarks on this new role, he acknowledges the legacy left by his predecessor, James Mwangi, who steered the university’s growth over the past decade. Mwangi’s dedication and leadership laid the foundation for Meru University’s evolution into a renowned institution. While Ndegwa brings a fresh perspective and zeal for innovation, he pays homage to Mwangi’s contributions, vowing to build upon the institution’s rich heritage while charting new pathways for progress.

Final Thoughts:

The inauguration of Peter Ndegwa as Chancellor heralds a promising chapter in the illustrious journey of Meru University. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Ndegwa endeavors to propel the institution to greater heights in the realm of science and technology. As the university embraces change and embraces new possibilities, it reaffirms its commitment to shaping future leaders and driving societal impact through education and research.


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