Revolutionizing Smartphone Portrait Photography with OPPO Reno11 Series


OPPO has been at the forefront of portrait photography innovation, as evidenced by the Reno Series. With over 70 million Reno owners globally, the series has become synonymous with trust and excellence in smartphone photography. The Reno Series, particularly the Reno10 and Reno11, showcases OPPO’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of smartphone portrait photography and delivering exceptional user experiences.

Quick Summary

  • OPPO Reno Series revolutionizes smartphone portrait photography with innovative features and cutting-edge technology.
  • The series introduces telephoto portrait cameras and advanced sensor technology to enhance portrait shooting capabilities.
  • OPPO’s computational photography suite and Portrait Expert Engine further elevate the portrait photography experience.

Advancing Portrait Photography

Telephoto cameras in smartphones have evolved beyond zooming to create a unique perspective for portrait photography. OPPO recognizes the importance of telephoto lenses in capturing intimate and distortion-free portrait shots. The introduction of the Telephoto Portrait Camera, with a 47mm focal length, in the Reno10 Series demonstrates OPPO’s commitment to offering professional-grade portrait capabilities to users. The 2x optical zoom and adjustable bokeh effects further enhance the portrait shooting experience.

Sensor Technology and Image Quality

OPPO prioritizes image quality by collaborating with Sony to engineer high-quality camera sensors for the Reno Series. The Reno10 Series features the 32MP IMX709 sensor, offering superior image quality and better performance compared to competitors. With a larger sensor size, the Reno Series delivers impressive results, setting it apart in the smartphone photography landscape.

Computational Photography Excellence

OPPO continues to drive innovation in smartphone portrait photography with the Reno11 Series, introducing the Ultra-Clear Portrait Camera System. This system combines high-resolution main cameras with OIS and a 32MP Telephoto Portrait Camera, offering versatile shooting options at two distinct focal lengths. The flagship HyperTone Imaging Engine, refined for the Reno11 Pro, enhances image clarity, dynamic range, and color richness, elevating portrait photography to true flagship quality.

OPPO Portrait Expert Engine

OPPO’s commitment to creating captivating portraits is evident in the development of the Portrait Expert Engine. Collaborating with professional portrait photographers worldwide, OPPO fine-tunes the portrait shooting experience to perfection. The Reno11 Pro’s Portrait Mode, combined with AI Portrait Retouching, captures a diverse range of skin tones, expressions, and moments. Users can choose between wide and portrait focal lengths to tailor their portrait shots to their preferences.


The OPPO Reno Series redefines smartphone portrait photography, offering users a blend of cutting-edge technology and artistic expression. With features like telephoto portrait cameras, advanced sensor technology, and computational photography algorithms, the Reno Series empowers users to capture stunning portraits effortlessly. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, the Reno Series provides the perfect tool for creating captivating portraits that stand out. OPPO’s commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that users can always expect the best in smartphone photography.


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