Mastercard and Glovo Join Forces to Combat Hunger: Providing 300,000 Meals to School Children in Kenya and Nigeria


Mastercard and Glovo have embarked on a partnership aimed at addressing hunger and promoting education in underserved communities. Through this collaboration, over 300,000 meals will be provided to school children in Kenya and Nigeria for an entire school year. This initiative marks a significant milestone in the fight against poverty, malnutrition, and educational barriers, demonstrating the power of collective action to effect positive change.

Quick Summary:

  • Mastercard partners with Glovo to provide over 300,000 meals to school children in Kenya and Nigeria.
  • The collaboration aims to combat hunger, promote education, and foster equitable prosperity in underserved communities.
  • Local charities, Food4Education in Kenya and the Lagos Food Bank initiative in Nigeria, are strategic partners in maximizing the initiative’s impact.

Addressing Societal Challenges:

Mastercard’s collaboration with Glovo underscores its commitment to social responsibility and sustainable solutions. By leveraging their resources and expertise, the partners seek to address pressing societal challenges such as hunger and inadequate access to education. Through targeted initiatives, they aim to create a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children in East and West Africa.

Fostering Inclusive Prosperity:

At the core of this initiative is the belief in fostering inclusive prosperity for all individuals, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. By providing nutritious meals to school children, Mastercard and Glovo aim to create an environment conducive to learning and growth, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting social upliftment.

Strategic Partnerships for Impact:

To maximize the initiative’s reach and effectiveness, Mastercard has strategically partnered with local charities, including Food4Education in Kenya and the Lagos Food Bank initiative in Nigeria. These partnerships enable the seamless distribution of meals to children in need, ensuring that every transaction on the Glovo app contributes to a meaningful cause.

Empowering Local Communities:

Caroline Mutuku, the GM of Kenya at Glovo, emphasizes the importance of local partnerships in driving positive change. By collaborating with Mastercard and other stakeholders, Glovo aims to address specific challenges within the communities it serves, empowering local residents and inspiring collective action towards a brighter future.

Promoting Digital Inclusion:

Shehryar Ali, Senior Vice President and Country Manager for East Africa and Indian Ocean Islands at Mastercard, highlights the company’s commitment to digital inclusion and social upliftment. Through innovative digital solutions, Mastercard aims to extend the benefits of the digital economy to underserved populations, creating opportunities for economic empowerment and social progress.

Inspiring Collective Action:

Through their joint efforts, Mastercard and Glovo seek to inspire collective action among businesses and individuals alike. By demonstrating the power of partnerships in addressing societal challenges, they hope to galvanize support for similar initiatives and foster a culture of giving back to the community.


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