Domino’s Teams Up with Uber Eats for Pizza Delivery Across Nairobi and Mombasa


Domino’s Pizza has partnered with Uber Eats to revolutionize pizza delivery services in Nairobi and Mombasa. This strategic collaboration marks a significant expansion for Eat’N’Go Restaurant Group, the master franchisee of Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery in Kenya, signaling a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of consumers while leveraging multiple ordering channels for enhanced convenience.

Quick Summary:

  • Strategic Partnership: Domino’s Pizza and Uber Eats join forces to enhance pizza deliveries across Nairobi and Mombasa, catering to the changing preferences of consumers in Kenya’s dynamic food delivery market.
  • Expansion of Eat’N’Go: The partnership underscores the growth trajectory of Eat’N’Go Restaurant Group, solidifying its position as the largest master franchisee of Domino’s Pizza and Cold Stone Creamery in Africa.
  • Focus on Customer Experience: With a focus on customer-centric service delivery, the collaboration aims to provide seamless access to quality pizza through innovative delivery solutions.

The Dynamics of Kenya’s Food Delivery Market

Against the backdrop of mergers and acquisitions reshaping the industry, the partnership between Domino’s Pizza and Uber Eats represents a strategic response to evolving consumer needs. Despite challenges faced by some players in the market, this collaboration reflects a commitment to innovation and adaptability in meeting the demands of modern consumers.

Uber Eats’ Commitment to Culinary Diversity

Uber Eats’ General Manager in Kenya, Kui Mbugua, emphasizes the platform’s dedication to offering diverse culinary options, aligning with the preferences of Kenyan consumers. The partnership with Domino’s Pizza further enriches Uber Eats’ offerings, positioning it as a preferred choice for accessing a wide range of cuisines.

Leveraging Technology for Convenience

Peter Jones, Managing Director of Eat’N’Go Limited, highlights the importance of leveraging multiple ordering channels to enhance customer convenience. By integrating with Uber Eats, Domino’s Pizza aims to streamline the ordering and delivery process, ensuring a seamless experience for customers in Nairobi and Mombasa.

A Testament to Growth and Innovation

The collaboration between Domino’s Pizza and Uber Eats builds upon previous partnerships and acquisitions within the food delivery sector. As Eat’N’Go continues to expand its presence in Kenya, this strategic alliance reinforces its commitment to delivering excellence in service and catering to the evolving preferences of Kenyan consumers.


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