ADvLEARN: Makini Schools Introduces Tech-Enabled Learning Platform for Academic Excellence

Makini Schools, part of the ADvTECH Group, has unveiled ADvLEARN, an innovative digital learning tool designed to enhance academic success through adaptive learning technology. ADvLEARN offers a personalized approach to learning, utilizing AI-generated data insights to empower teachers in identifying and addressing knowledge gaps, ultimately elevating students’ success.

Quick Overview:

  • ADvLEARN Platform: Makini Schools introduces ADvLEARN, a tech-enabled learning platform powered by adaptive learning technology.
  • Personalized Approach: The platform empowers teachers to identify and address knowledge gaps in key subjects, providing personalized assignments to learners for real-time progress monitoring.
  • AI-Generated Data Insights: ADvLEARN utilizes AI-generated data insights to offer precise information on each student’s strengths and weaknesses, enabling tailored teaching to address specific learning gaps.
  • Operational Expansion: The platform is set to be fully operational in all Makini Schools by May 2024, following its successful rollout in all 36 campuses within the ADvTECH schools divisions.
  • Positive Impact: Data analysis by ADvTECH indicates significant improvements in subject grades for students regularly engaging with the platform, with progress rates between 15% and 29%.
  • Infrastructure Investment: A substantial investment of Kshs 150 million has been allocated for infrastructure upgrades across all Makini Schools in Kenya, including Wi-Fi accessibility, projectors, sound bars, and teacher training.

Transformative Potential of ADvLEARN

ADvLEARN creates a secure online environment that complements traditional classroom learning, fostering a more effective educational experience. By providing personalized assignments and detailed insights into students‘ progress, the platform aims to revolutionize the learning journey.

Investment in Infrastructure and Teacher Training

To support the ADvLEARN initiative, Makini Schools has allocated Kshs 150 million for infrastructure upgrades, expanding Wi-Fi accessibility, providing state-of-the-art projectors and sound bars, and ensuring a seamless transition to online lessons. Additionally, teachers will receive training facilitated by ADvTECH’s Central Academic Team, enhancing their capabilities in utilizing the platform effectively.

Enthusiastic Collaboration for Educational Innovation

Horace Mpanza, Makini Schools Regional MD, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing ADvTECH’s commitment to delivering digital innovation in education. The transformative potential of ADvLEARN is reinforced by the confidence expressed by Ms. Desiree Hugo, Academic Director of ADvTECH, who anticipates successful integration into learning at Makini.

ADvTECH’s Leadership in Educational Solutions

With ADvLEARN already implemented in 36 schools in South Africa, ADvTECH solidifies its position as a leader in pioneering educational solutions. The group’s commitment to quality education, training, skills development, and placement services reinforces its status as Africa’s largest private education provider.

As Makini Schools prepares for the full implementation of ADvLEARN, the initiative marks a significant stride toward leveraging technology to enhance the learning experience, shaping the future of education in Kenya.


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