Student’s Success with Jitume Labs Impresses President Ruto

President William Ruto expressed admiration on Tuesday for a student who showcased remarkable success in earning a living online through the government’s Jitume ICT Laboratories. During his visit to Mosop in Nandi County on January 16, Ruto engaged with Brian Kipchumba, a student pursuing a diploma in ICT while also engaging in part-time online jobs.

Brian shared his success story, stating that he had earned close to Ksh45,500 (USD 284) since December 26 through Remotask, an online platform that pays users for completing various tasks, including data entry, copywriting, and AI development. After taxes, Brian pockets around Ksh40,000 to cover his daily expenses.

Remotask provides Brian with diverse tasks and specific timelines for completion and submission. While this success story was celebrated by many, it also sparked mixed reactions. Some individuals raised concerns that Ruto might consider broadening Kenya’s tax bracket to include such online earning platforms, potentially impacting the income of youthful Kenyans who rely on these opportunities.

Critics also argued that Brian’s revelation exposed individuals to scrutiny, especially at a time when Ruto was advocating for higher taxation. Some expressed disappointment that the student did not use the opportunity to highlight broader challenges faced by the youth, such as unemployment and the high cost of living.

Jitume Labs, managed by the Ministry of ICT under Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo, has been championed by President Ruto as a platform for empowering youth with relevant digital skills and creating well-paying job opportunities. In December of the previous year, Education CS Ezekiel Machogu stated that the program was making significant strides in providing youth with skills, with beneficiaries earning up to Ksh200,000.

Brian’s success story not only showcases the potential of online earning platforms but also brings attention to the impact of initiatives like Jitume Labs in providing valuable skills and income-generating opportunities for the youth in Kenya.


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