Showmax’s Revamped Streaming Experience: Aims to Entice Kenyans

Showmax has undergone a transformative relaunch, introducing a fresh brand identity, revamped content packages, and revised pricing plans for subscribers. This overhaul, ten months in the making, stems from a collaborative effort between MultiChoice, Comcast’s NBCUniversal, and Sky, promising a dynamic streaming experience for viewers across the continent.

Showmax Premier League Plan:

Showmax’s new offering takes center stage with the introduction of the world’s first standalone Premier League plan for mobile users. Priced at just Kshs 500 per month, football enthusiasts can now enjoy all 380 games live on the Showmax Premier League platform. This move strategically taps into Africa’s vast smartphone user base, totaling over 450 million, and a staggering 250 million football enthusiasts on the continent. The new offering is expected to rival Netflix’s offering which has gained more viewership since launch.

Showmax Entertainment Plans:

In addition to the Premier League-centric plan, Showmax presents two more enticing options for subscribers in 44 African countries. The Showmax Entertainment on mobile plan, priced at an unbelievable Kshs 300 per month, caters to those seeking an affordable yet diverse streaming experience. Meanwhile, the Showmax Entertainment plan offers a reduced monthly price of Kshs 650, down from Kshs 760, providing a comprehensive entertainment package for viewers.

Technical Advancements:

At the core of Showmax’s success lies a robust and scalable technical platform, a result of the collaboration with Comcast’s Peacock streaming platform. This world-class platform has already delivered popular events like the Super Bowl, FIFA World Cup, Olympics, and WrestleMania, showcasing its capability to provide a seamless streaming experience to African audiences.

Diverse Content Lineup:

The revamped Showmax not only caters to sports enthusiasts but also opens the door to a diverse entertainment universe. With the launch of 21 new Showmax Originals in February alone, viewers can expect over 1,300 hours of original content in the coming year—a 150% increase in production output compared to the previous year. The international content offering, a result of MultiChoice’s partnership with Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Sky, ensures a steady supply of popular titles from renowned brands.

African Market Focus:

Showmax’s commitment to the African market is emphasized by MultiChoice Group CEO Calvo Mawela, who states, “Nobody understands Africa like we do.” The streaming service aims to revolutionize the streaming landscape in Africa in 2024, capitalizing on its unique combination of original African content and international offerings.

User-Friendly Access:

Showmax prioritizes ease of access for customers by being the first streaming service in Africa to enable mobile downloads for offline viewing and launching a mobile-only plan. The platform also introduces competitive pricing and a growing network of payment options, facilitated by Moment, a MultiChoice joint venture partner.


With a refreshed brand, a diverse content lineup, and a commitment to providing an unparalleled streaming experience, the new Showmax stands poised to reshape the African streaming landscape. As the platform becomes available in app stores from January 23, 2024, subscribers can anticipate a seamless and engaging entertainment experience, underlining Showmax’s status as a leading African streaming service.


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