Schneider Electric Donates Electrical Training Equipment to Don Bosco Kakuma

Schneider Electric, a leading provider of energy management solutions, has donated a substantial amount of Electrical Training Equipment to Don Bosco Kakuma. The donation aims to support the next generation of electricians by providing essential training materials. Don Bosco Kakuma, located in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in Turkana County, is a center of hope and transformation that serves the youth in the camp and the local community.

The electrical equipment donated by Schneider Electric Kenya includes materials regularly used by future electricians in their day-to-day roles. This includes drives, a professional low voltage switchboard, electrical fault locating kits, short circuit protection, and earth leakage equipment. The donation allows students to gain hands-on experience and acquire skills directly applicable to real-world scenarios, providing them with a competitive edge as they prepare for their future careers. To get detailed information on matters education, we have Kalahari Kenya that has enormous resources and education news on the same.

Kamau Joseph, Electrical Instructor at Don Bosco Kakuma, expressed gratitude for the generous contribution, stating that it will play a pivotal role in enabling students to access quality technical education and training. The donation reflects Schneider Electric’s commitment to advancing technical education and its belief that knowledge is a catalyst for transformation, even in challenging circumstances.

Carol Koech, Country President Schneider Electric East Africa, highlighted the company’s dedication to supporting Don Bosco Kakuma in providing meaningful education to over 2000 students in the refugee camp. Through this donation, Schneider Electric aims to equip the students of Kakuma with skills that contribute to their future and the resilience and development of the community at large.

The impact of the donation is expected to extend beyond the walls of Don Bosco Kakuma, fostering a ripple effect of change and empowerment throughout the refugee camp. The Salesians of Don Bosco, who operate Don Bosco Kakuma, have been dedicated to the human and intellectual formation of young people, and Schneider Electric’s contribution aligns with this mission.


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