Google One Price Hike: What it Means for Kenyan Users

Google LLC has announced an upward adjustment in its annual subscription charges for Kenyan users subscribed to the Google One Basic (100GB) package. Effective January 5, 2024, the new subscription cost will be Sh2,500, marking a 19 percent increase from the previous Sh2,100.

For users who heavily rely on Google’s suite of services like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Photos, this means shelling out an additional Sh400 for more digital real estate. The tech giant seems to be implementing these changes in quick succession, as just a month ago, charges for the standard package experienced a hike from Sh3,000 to Sh3,800.

The notification sent out to subscribers by Google read, “Google LLC is increasing the price of your subscription (Google One – 100GB) from Sh2,100/year to Sh2,500/year starting January 5, 2024.” This adjustment prompts users to consider the value they place on the convenience of expanded cloud storage.

Google, known for offering the initial 15GB of cloud storage for free, compels users to pay a monthly or annual fee for one of the three available Google One tiers – Basic (100GB), Standard (200GB), or Premium (2TB). This move to monetize additional storage follows a global trend among tech companies seeking new revenue streams.

Last December, Google took a proactive step in data management and security by deleting critical data stored in dormant cloud accounts that had remained inactive for two years. Prior to the purge, users were forewarned through email reminders. It’s crucial to note that only personal accounts were affected, while business-related addresses were spared from the deletion spree.

As Kenyan users adjust to these changes, it raises broader questions about the evolving landscape of digital services and the cost users are willing to bear for enhanced convenience and storage space. The incremental adjustments from Google may not be universally applauded, but they undoubtedly signal a strategic shift in the tech giant’s approach to managing and monetizing its vast user base.

In an era where data is king, users in Kenya, like many around the globe, are left to weigh the balance between the benefits of expansive digital storage and the increasing costs attached to it. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, it’s essential for users to stay vigilant, informed, and ready to adapt to the changing dynamics of the online sphere.


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