Bolt Food in Kenya: A Year in Review Unveils Surprising Trends

As the year 2023 draws to a close, Bolt Food, the renowned food delivery platform, reflects on a year of diverse and intriguing trends in Kenya. In its annual Bolt Rewind data, the platform offers insights into local transport and delivery patterns, unveiling surprising facts and showcasing the evolving preferences of Kenyan consumers.

One standout revelation from the data is the distinction of Kenya’s most expensive food order in 2023, amounting to an impressive Sh89,000. The platform reported that distance posed no barrier for customers, with the furthest delivery of the year spanning a remarkable 98 kilometers.

Bolt Country Manager Linda Ndungu highlighted another fascinating statistic: “The largest number of individual Bolt Food orders placed by a customer at over 500 orders.” This showcases not only the popularity of the platform but also the loyalty and frequent engagement of certain customers.

The data further disclosed that the most popular day for food orders globally was Friday, and the most popular Bolt Food order overall was a cheeseburger. When it came to groceries, bananas emerged as the global favorite—a testament to the diverse preferences of consumers around the world.

In the realm of ride-hailing, Bolt’s global data for 2023 indicated that the most popular pick-up days were Friday and Saturday evenings. Notably, the majority of pickups were from airports and train stations, underlining the role of Bolt in facilitating convenient transportation for travelers.

Bolt’s presence in the Kenyan market is part of the larger trend of major online food delivery and grocery platforms gaining a foothold in the country. Competitors like Uber and Glovo have also contributed to the growth of this sector, fueled by the increasing internet and smartphone penetration in Kenya.

The year 2023 marked a significant achievement for Bolt’s pet category, with over 4.8 million journeys taken with furry friends. This showcases the platform’s adaptability to various customer needs, extending its services beyond traditional expectations.

Bolt Country Manager, Edgar Kitur, expressed satisfaction with the company’s delivery service, stating, “Our couriers’ commitment has been pivotal. Looking ahead, we anticipate an even more dynamic year with exciting opportunities for our couriers to elevate their earnings.”

As the Bolt Rewind data for 2023 reveals shared trends across the globe and unique transport patterns in Kenya, it sets the stage for continued innovation, growth, and unparalleled service in the world of deliveries in the upcoming year.


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