TECNO Kenya Expands Accessibility with 10 Exclusive Retail Outlets Across the Country

TECNO Mobile, a prominent global smartphone brand has officially opened three new retail stores in different regions of Kenya. The strategic placement of these outlets which includes Nairobi, Mombasa and Thika– signifies a significant milestone for TECNO: it furthers their mission to offer unparalleled accessibility to its innovative devices, thus bolstering its commitment towards providing cutting-edge mobile technology.

Slated for December 1, 2023, the Grand Opening events celebrate not only technological advancements but also underscore TECNO’s commitment to empowering Kenyan consumers. Peter Shi – Brand Manager of TECNO Kenya – articulates his excitement for these new stores: “Our customers will use these outlets as hubs where they can explore; experience and ultimately purchase our latest devices.”

Strategically placing stores in key regions, TECNO Mobile aligns its expansion with a global vision: to make advanced mobile technology accessible for all. The aim? Strengthening connections within local communities; understanding–and meeting–the evolving needs of Kenyan consumers better.

The earlier opening of eight exclusive stores in Kenya, including locations such as Nairobi, Embu Town, Kisumu and Eldoret; has prompted each store to showcase a diverse range of options: the latest TECNO smartphones–popular models from the CAMON series to those from PHANTOM-, SPARK- even extending it towards POP.

TECNO’s commitment to crafting a unique, engaging customer experience manifests in the promise of exclusive promotions, thrilling giveaways and alluring special discounts during the grand opening events: an initiative designed for those who visit new stores within their launch period.

With operations spanning over 70 countries and regions, TECNO Mobile leads the charge in revolutionizing digital experiences within emerging global markets. The brand earns recognition for its integration of contemporary aesthetic design with cutting-edge technologies; this positions it as a frontrunner in its target markets.

TECNO, celebrating its accomplishment of establishing 10 exclusive stores in Kenya, contemplates the immense consumer trust and support it has earned. The brand’s relentless pursuit to unveil superior technologies that embody “Stop At Nothing” – its core essence – propels worldwide consumers towards chasing their optimal selves and futures.


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