Safaricom’s ‘Feels Good to be Home’ Campaign Seeks to Elevate Home Internet Experience

Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications provider, has recently launched the ‘Feels Good to be Home’ campaign with the goal of revolutionizing home internet connectivity. This initiative, designed to showcase Safaricom’s diverse home connectivity solutions, places emphasis on elevating overall residential experiences.

The campaign focuses on introducing revamped Family Share plans that seamlessly merge home fiber with mobile voice, data, and SMS services. These plans offer customers a unified connectivity package for both domestic and portable use. Customers can access these enticing bundles by paying a modest additional fee on their existing Home Fibre plan. For an additional KES 800, you unlock 8GB, get 400 minutes, and secure 1,000 SMS. Opting to spend a further KES 1,800 brings significant benefits, providing access to 17GB of data alongside generous resources: specifically, 1,000 minutes plus an additional bonus increment for text messages that more than doubles the previous amount, reaching over 2,000 SMS.

Alternatively, by investing KES 2,700, the rewards escalate even higher, now boasting a hefty package that includes unlimited WhatsApp usage and a substantial boost in data size—upwards from the initial offer—to an impressive capacity capacious enough for extensive browsing needs or heavy multimedia consumption alike, granting provision for twenty-seven gigabytes worth. If voice communication is the primary focus, fear not, as each subsequent tier yields increased allocations across all three categories mentioned previously within this paragraph, from 1,500 conversations on the lowest level up to 5,000 dialogues at its peak. Most notably, all Family Share plans feature complimentary WhatsApp inclusion and can be distributed among as many as five household members.

“The company commits to addressing evolving customer needs,” emphasized Peter Ndegwa, Safaricom PLC’s CEO. “Our Home Internet journey started as a response: our customers demanded fast and reliable connectivity at home. Recognizing the rise in digital lifestyles, we strive with our newest offerings; they aim to harness the extensive coverage of our network for meeting customer requirements within and beyond their homes,” he explained.

Recognizing its diverse customer base and their varying needs, Safaricom is actively striving for universal accessibility. By significantly reducing the price of 4G routers from KES 6,999 to a mere KES 2,999—an impressive drop—it takes a substantial step towards making home internet available even in non-fiber-ready areas. Furthermore, within our extensive coverage of 5G zones lies another option; customers can choose the convenience and efficiency offered by compatible Wi-Fi routers—available for only KES 9,999.

Under the initiative ‘Feels Good to be Home,’ the ‘Safaricom Home Fibre’ campaign empowers its customers with access to SecureNet, a comprehensive online security service. This robust security suite actively shields users from an array of digital threats, encompassing features such as anti-phishing and anti-virus protection, parental control settings—all designed for peace in cyberspace.

Safaricom, in its commitment to customer convenience, offers multiple channels for the purchase of these offerings: the MySafaricom App, *400#—a dialing option, and Safaricom Shops and Dealer Outlets—all ensuring a seamless user experience.


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