Safaricom and Hit the Right Note with Affordable DJ Mix Subscriptions at Ksh 5/day

In a harmonious fusion of music and technology, and Safaricom have orchestrated a new symphony for Kenyan music enthusiasts. The crescendo of this collaboration is a subscription service that harmoniously blends affordability and accessibility, giving Safaricom customers a melodic escape into the world of DJ mixes for just Ksh 5 per day.

The gateway to this auditory wonderland is a simple registration process at, a portal where music aficionados can immerse themselves in a diverse array of DJ mixes and unearth new talents. It’s not just about music; it’s a journey, an experience tailored exclusively for Safaricom users.

Martin Neilsen, the CEO of, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, framing it as a commitment to enriching lives through music. The collaboration is not merely transactional; it’s a shared vision of integrating music seamlessly into the fabric of everyday life. The language here isn’t just about subscriptions; it’s about unlocking benefits, enhancing experiences, and fostering a deeper connection between artists and their audience.

The exclusive nature of this service for Safaricom customers isn’t a limitation; it’s a tailored approach to providing freedom, choice, and control over the musical content. Fawzia Ali, Chief Consumer Business Officer at Safaricom PLC, emphasized this commitment, highlighting the goal to empower customers with ease and convenience in enjoying their favorite tunes.

But this partnership is more than a melody—it’s a lifeline for artists. By establishing a consistent income stream, it becomes a cornerstone for musicians aspiring to sustainable careers. This financial support isn’t just a feature; it’s a commitment to nurture talent, allowing artists the freedom to focus on creating more music and evolving their craft.

As the partnership echoes a commitment to growth, Safaricom’s involvement with becomes a chapter in the larger narrative of fostering Kenya’s creative and music industry. Through in-house propositions like Baze and Skiza and strategic partnerships, Safaricom is orchestrating a symphony that resonates with the vibrant spirit of Kenya’s musical landscape.’s impressive user growth statistics underscore the relevance of their approach. With 29.2 million monthly active users in September 2023, a 36% increase from the previous year, is not just riding the wave; it’s shaping it. The focus on delivering locally relevant service and content is a testament to their vision, aiming to cater to the evolving tastes of the 613 million mobile subscribers in Africa anticipated by 2025.


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