Kenyan Telcos Witness a 25% Surge in International Call Activity, Reaching 85.3 Million Minutes

Kenya is experiencing a noteworthy upswing in international mobile traffic, marking a 25.3 percent surge to 85.3 million minutes during the third quarter of the year, as unveiled by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).

This spike is not confined to incoming calls alone; outgoing international mobile voice traffic has also seen a commendable uptick, registering a 4.8 percent increase to reach 179.7 million minutes between July and September 2023. The CA attributes this boost to Kenya’s recent role as the host of the Africa Climate Summit.

Delving into the specifics, the CA statement delineates that the majority of the international voice minutes within the East Africa Community countries were exchanges between Kenya and its regional counterparts, accounting for 64,803,006 and 109,728,756 incoming and outgoing minutes, respectively. In contrast, interactions beyond East Africa amounted to 20,455,060 incoming minutes and 69,972,249 outgoing minutes.

Beyond voice communications, the data also sheds light on the expansion of Kenya’s international internet bandwidth capacity, witnessing a 5 percent growth from 16,523.303 Gbps to 17,353.722 Gbps during the review period.

A closer look reveals that undersea bandwidth utilization soared by 13.3 percent, reaching 10,964.87 Gbps. Out of this, 8,011.046 Gbps were utilized within the country, and a substantial 2,953.820 Gbps were exported to international markets.

However, amidst these strides, the CA faces a formidable challenge from alternative over-the-top (OTT) messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, and Signal. These platforms are not only altering the landscape of communication but are also giving traditional short messaging services a run for their money.

As Kenya continues to be a hub for regional and international events, the surge in international connectivity signifies a burgeoning communication landscape. The challenge now lies in navigating the evolving dynamics of communication technologies and adapting to the preferences of a diverse and tech-savvy audience.


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