Kenyan Films Take Center Stage on Netflix’s Global Watchlist

Netflix, the renowned video-on-demand streaming service, has unveiled its viewership data, showcasing the top-performing films globally for the first half of 2023. Surprisingly, three Kenyan movies have carved their places on this prestigious list, marking a significant milestone for the East African nation’s film industry.

Leading the pack is “Disconnect: The Wedding Planner,” a cinematic masterpiece by David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga, which made its debut in January 2023. This Kenyan gem has secured the top spot as the most-watched Kenyan film on Netflix, amassing an impressive 7.4 million viewed hours. Not only does this achievement reflect the film’s international appeal, but it also underscores the growing recognition of Kenyan storytelling on a global stage.

Following closely is “Married to Work,” released in February 2023, claiming the second position with a notable 1.2 million viewed hours. This romantic drama has captivated audiences, contributing to Kenya’s cinematic success on the world’s most prominent streaming platform.

Adding to the accolades is “Country Queen,” Netflix’s inaugural Kenyan series, securing the third spot with one million viewed hours. This series, funded by Germany, not only diversifies the Kenyan content available on Netflix but also demonstrates the country’s ability to produce binge-worthy series that resonate with a global audience.

Netflix’s decision to disclose viewership data is a strategic move to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving streaming landscape. The streaming giant’s commitment to transparency aims to appease creators and advertisers, providing a deeper understanding of audience preferences.

Interestingly, the report highlights that “Disconnect” was the only Kenyan title available globally, emphasizing the need for increased global distribution of Kenyan content. Despite this, the film industry in Kenya has made significant strides, with filmmakers like David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga achieving international acclaim.

In comparison to other African nations, South Africa dominates Netflix’s content in the region, with eight titles in the top 10 list. Nigeria follows closely, securing the remaining two spots. This observation raises questions about Netflix’s investment patterns, with substantial funds directed toward South Africa and Nigeria, leaving Kenya with a comparatively smaller share.

As Netflix plans to release this viewership report biannually, it opens avenues for Kenyan filmmakers to better understand global audience preferences. The shift in metrics from accounts to hours viewed provides a more nuanced measure of a title’s success and member satisfaction.


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