How to Get Airtel Money Statements in Kenya: 4 Easy Ways

Discovering your financial trail is as easy as following a map, especially when it comes to Airtel Money in Kenya. No need for complicated instructions – here are four simple ways to uncover your Airtel Money statement.

1. Use USSD *334#

If you’re comfortable with your phone’s keypad, this is for you:

  • Dial *334# and follow the prompts.
  • Choose My Account/PIN (option 8), then Next (option 7).
  • Opt for a Mini Declaration (option 1).
  • Select the first option to see your last five transactions.
  • Type in your Airtel Money PIN, and you’ll get a message with your recent transactions.

2. Get It via Email

For those who like things in their inbox:

  • Dial *334# and follow the path to My Account/PIN (option 8) and Next (option 7).
  • Choose Mini Declaration (option 1) and then Email Summary (option 2).
  • Enter your email and Airtel Money PIN. You’ll get a confirmation message, and your statement will land in your email.

3. Visit an Airtel Store

If you prefer face-to-face:

  • Go to your nearest Airtel store.
  • Talk to a staff member with your ID for verification.
  • They’ll hand you the Airtel Money statement covering three months or more.

4. Use My Airtel App

For the tech enthusiasts:

  • Download the My Airtel app from Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.
  • Set it up and go to the MORE tab.
  • Choose Airtel Money Services and then Transaction History.
  • Play with the dates to see your transactions.

5. Call Airtel Money Customer Service

If all else fails, reach out:

  • Dial 100 or 0733100100.
  • Connect with them on Facebook or other social media.

Decoding your Airtel Money statement shouldn’t feel like solving a puzzle. It’s a straightforward journey, and these steps are your guide to financial clarity.


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