HELB Adopts e-Citizen Platform for Seamless Loan Payments

In a significant move to enhance efficiency and comply with government directives, the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has recently announced changes to its loan payment system. This development aligns with President William Ruto’s directive to consolidate all government functions into a unified platform for streamlined tax collection. Effective immediately, all payments will be directed through the e-Citizen platform, marking a pivotal moment for HELB and its stakeholders.

Changes in Payment Methods

HELB’s transition to the e-Citizen platform introduces four convenient payment methods, providing users with flexibility and ease of access. These methods include Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) code, the HELB mobile application, the loanee self-service portal, and the employers portal.


To utilize this method, users need to dial *642# to register or log in. After selecting the loan repayment option, users can choose their preferred mobile money provider, enter the repayment amount, and input their PIN. A confirmation SMS from e-Citizen will be sent after the successful transaction.

HELB Mobile Application

Users can download the HELB mobile application from the Play Store, where they can either log in or register to create an account. By selecting the ‘pay loan’ option, users can confirm their phone number and the repayment amount, key in their PIN upon prompt, and receive an SMS notification from e-Citizen.

Loanee Self-Service Portal

Accessing the self-service option through the e-Citizen platform, users can select the loan repayment and make payment option. After filling in the payment amount and clicking ‘pay,’ a notification to confirm the payment will be received. Users can then choose their preferred payment option, follow the prompts, and complete the payment.

Employers Portal

For employers, the HELB Employer portal serves as the entry point. Logging onto helb.co.ke, employers can upload the remittance list, verify details, and click the confirm button. After confirming, an e-slip can be printed, and by clicking on payments in the menu, employers can choose the remittance record for payment. Once completed, the record will be automatically updated, and statements can be viewed to track remittances.


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