Government Unveils New Charges for eCitizen Transactions

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Njuguna Ndung’u has set forth new charge rates for Kenyans engaging in eCitizen transactions. The announcement, made through a gazette notice dated December 14, ushers in a wave of adjustments to the cost structure of digital payments on the eCitizen platform.

The Digital Payments Platform, touted as an integration marvel, seamlessly links with various electronic payment channels in Kenya. From mobile money to electronic bank payments, real-time gross settlements (RTGS), wallets, and debit or credit cards, the platform leaves no stone unturned in its connectivity.

Effective immediately, a nominal administrative fee will be levied per transaction, with charges prorated as follows:

  1. Payments below Sh199 will incur a modest fee of Sh.5.
  2. Kenyans making payments between Sh.200 and Sh.299 will face a charge of Sh.10.
  3. Payments within the range of Sh.300 to Sh.499 will carry a charge rate of Sh.15.
  4. Transactions falling between Sh.500 and Sh.699 will be accompanied by a charge rate of Sh.20.
  5. Payments ranging from Sh.700 to Sh.999 will come with a charge of Sh.25.
  6. Any payment exceeding Sh.1000 will bear a cost of Sh.50.
  7. For transactions in US dollars, a flat fee of $1 will be applied.

Secretary Ndung’u emphasized that these changes align with the constitutional provisions of openness and accountability in public finances, as articulated in Article 201 (a) and Article 6 (3). The move also adheres to the principles of providing broad access to government services, guided by the Public Finance Management Act.

The Digital Payments Platform is envisioned as the primary framework for citizens to access and pay for government services. Secretary Ndung’u underscored that the pro-rated charges will be applicable across all services unless explicitly waived.

For those curious about the specific services available for digital payment, Ndung’u encouraged the public to explore the offerings listed on


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