GOtv Strategically Positions Itself in Kenya’s Booming Streaming Market With GOtv Stream

GOtv, a recent entrant into Kenya’s dynamic streaming market valued at Sh306 billion within Africa’s vast industry, strategically positions itself to capture a share of this substantial sector. This move follows the entry of its sister brand, DSTV, earlier this year, illustrating not only competitive sibling rivalry but also a broader trend of industry players escalating their efforts for increased market penetration.

The ascent of Showmax disrupts Netflix’s once-unchallenged dominance, holding over 40 percent of the African streaming industry. Showmax not only dethrones Netflix but also establishes a commanding lead in market share with an impressive subscriber base of 1.8 million. The success is attributed to its robust focus on local content production, revealing a staggering 26 percent year-on-year growth in paid subscribers for four consecutive years. In an effort to bolster its position, Showmax fervently pledges a significant amount of $1 billion (Sh152.8 billion) towards content production and acquisition specifically for the fiscal year concluding in 2023, underscoring their dedication and dominance in African markets.

In this competitive landscape, GOtv strategically enters the fray with the aim to tap into Kenya’s burgeoning market of 30 million smartphone users. Nzola Miranda, Managing Director at MultiChoice Kenya, emphasizes not only this move but also its significance. She declares, “The African streaming industry will be worth $2 billion (Sh306 billion) by 2027,” providing a compelling forecast that underlines their intent and vision for future growth. “We are looking to tap into the increasing use of smartphones in Kenya,” she adds with certainty.

Miranda confidently asserts, “We understand your needs and pledge to meet them.” In positioning GOtv Stream not simply as another streaming app but rather as an extension of MultiChoice’s commitment, they aim to deliver quality, convenience, and control directly into consumers’ hands.

According to Digital TV Research’s data for 2022, Africa boasted a total of 41 million pay-TV subscribers in the broader context. However, video streaming only comprised less than 10 percent of this substantial subscriber base. Despite industry heavyweights such as Netflix and Showmax implementing diverse growth strategies marked by substantial investments in fresh content and reductions in subscription prices, the market has experienced an unhurried pace of expansion.

GOtv, stepping into the streaming arena, confronts a significant challenge: navigating an intensely competitive landscape where consumer preferences, content offerings, and pricing strategies play decisive roles. The contest for dominance in Kenya’s streaming market is actively unraveling, with MultiChoice positioning itself to make a considerable impact via its flagship offering—GOtv Stream. Undoubtedly, the evolving dynamics of this industry will shape Kenya’s future streaming scene, and consumers can anticipate a diverse array of options as various players compete for their attention and subscriptions.


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