Faras Taxis Adjust Minimum Fare Amidst Rising Operational Costs

In response to the escalating costs of operation, Faras, a prominent taxi hailing firm, has announced an upward revision of its minimum fare from Sh130 to Sh200. The decision, as explained by the company’s General Manager, Allan Maimbu, is a strategic move to ensure fair compensation for their dedicated drivers amidst the challenges posed by surging fuel prices.

Maimbu clarified, “Considering the challenges posed by rising fuel prices, we are introducing a minimum fare of Sh200, reaffirming our commitment to supporting the livelihoods of our dedicated drivers.” This adjustment aligns Faras with the market’s average minimum fare, bringing it in line with competitors such as Bolt and Little Cab.

To alleviate the potential financial burden on customers, Faras has expressed its intention to introduce significant discounts on all trips. The company aims to strike a balance between driver compensation and customer satisfaction in the face of economic challenges.

In addition to the fare adjustment, Faras has unveiled new security measures, including the implementation of an SOS feature within the cab’s app. This feature is designed to provide quick access to emergency assistance for both drivers and passengers during unforeseen circumstances.

Not only does Faras focus on customer safety, but he also prioritizes driver welfare. He introduces a daily target bonus program to incentivize drivers towards achieving specific trip milestones: completing 10 trips earns an additional Sh600 for the driver; meanwhile, accomplishing 15 trips awards them with a bonus of Sh1,000 in addition to their regular earnings. Each week, we will reward the top 20 drivers with Sh10,000.

The introduction of corporate trip services – catering to businesses’ transportation needs for events, meetings and employee travel: this represents Faras’ expansion plans. The company thereby underlines its commitment; it aims to offer diverse and efficient transportation solutions that can address the escalating demands from corporate entities.

“With our dedicated services for business clientele, we underscore our aim: to streamline transportation for corporate events; facilitate meetings – both local and national – and manage employee travel. Our goal is a seamless experience—characterized by professionalism and convenience.” This was the emphasis that Maimbu placed.

Facing recent regulatory challenges in the ride-hailing industry, Faras underscores its commitment to collaborative efforts with the community and local as well as national governments. The aim is clear: create an operating environment that’s not only safer but also more supportive. This strategic collaboration targets two key areas — enhancing safety measures and addressing concerns raised by regulatory authorities like National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA).

Faras, determined to navigate the evolving landscape of Kenya’s taxi hailing industry, employs a multifaceted approach: fare adjustments; security measures; driver incentives–and corporate services. Striving for equilibrium between customer satisfaction and driver well-being–the company demonstrates its commitment through these initiatives–addressing dynamic challenges faced not only by drivers but also passengers in this ever-changing transportation sector.


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