Airtel Money’s ‘Rudishiwa Transaction Fee Campaign’ Redefines Mobile Money Benefits

In a strategic move to enhance user experience and affordability, Airtel Money Kenya recently unveiled its ‘Rudishiwa Transaction Fee Campaign.’ This initiative promises to refund withdrawal transaction fees in the form of airtime, providing Airtel Money customers with a unique and beneficial advantage.

Under this innovative campaign, customers can rejoice as even small withdrawals, starting from Kes 50 at any Airtel Money agent, will trigger a refund of the withdrawal transaction fees. The reimbursement is applicable for withdrawal charges up to the daily maximum limit of Kshs 250,000.

Let’s break it down with an example: if a customer withdraws Kes 1,000 incurring a Kes 25 withdrawal charge, they will receive the exact amount, Kes 25, as airtime. This airtime can be utilized for various services, including airtime top-ups, data bundles, or SMS.

Airtel Networks Kenya Limited Managing Director, Ashish Malhotra, expressed the company’s commitment to meeting diverse payment needs in the market. He stated, “The new ‘Rudishiwa Transaction Fee Campaign’ cements our commitment to designing products and solutions that serve multiple payment needs of the user in the market. We believe that the campaign will go a long way to cater to the needs of Kenyans who rely on cash for their daily transactions, helping them stay connected while saving them money.”

This strategic move aligns with Airtel Money’s broader commitment to providing affordable products and services, aiming to enhance customer convenience and connectivity. Anne Kinuthia-Otieno, the Managing Director of Airtel Money Kenya, emphasized the company’s dedication to customer-centric operations. She stated, “At Airtel Money, our customers are at the core of our operations, and we are committed to offering them unmatched convenience and value. The Rudishiwa Transaction Fee Campaign is a testament to our dedication to making mobile money transactions not only affordable and efficient but also incredibly beneficial.”

To reap the benefits of the ‘Rudishiwa Transaction Fee Campaign,’ Airtel customers are encouraged to visit any Airtel Money agent nationwide. They can then initiate the process by dialing *334# or by using the Airtel App.

This customer-centric campaign not only reflects Airtel Money’s dedication to affordability and efficiency but also underscores its innovative approach to providing tangible benefits to users, further solidifying its position in the mobile money landscape. It’s not just a transaction; it’s a step towards redefining how users perceive and experience mobile money services.


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