Showmax Unveils Revamped Platform and Innovative Streaming Packages for 2024

In a momentous development, Showmax, a leading force in the African streaming market, is gearing up for a significant relaunch. February 2024 marks this pivotal event. Earlier this year, the platform made a noteworthy partnership announcement, solidifying ties with Comcast’s NBCUniversal and Sky.

In its revitalized form, Showmax will unveil a fresh look, introduce a new app, and offer an extensive range of products. The highlights include three distinct subscription plans: Showmax Entertainment, Showmax Entertainment Mobile, and the eagerly anticipated Showmax Premier League.

The Showmax Premier League, a service powered by SuperSport and revolutionizing the streaming landscape with its mobile-centric approach, is poised to make every Premier League football match accessible in sub-Saharan Africa. This marks an unprecedented initiative within the region.

Expressing enthusiasm about the imminent changes, Showmax CEO Marc Jury underlined three key aspects: the platform’s robust technology, its daring brand identity, and an unmatched content slate. By migrating onto the global Peacock streaming platform and leveraging its success in sports streaming, with notable events such as live-broadcasting the Super Bowl to over six million users, Showmax positions itself for rapid scalability.

The platform, known for pioneering trends with Showmax Originals, plans to expand its content offering with a diverse lineup. This includes Twende, the first 2D animation on their roster, and the reintroduction of popular series such as Adulting and Kwa Mam’Mkhize. Showmax ventures further into unexplored territories by producing original works like Convict Conman, Trompoppie, and Agu. Of notable significance is their recent accomplishment – the creation of School Run – the first Nigerian Original feature film.

The Comcast partnership guarantees international content enthusiasts a consistent supply of popular content from Universal Pictures, NBC, Peacock, Sky, DreamWorks Animation, and Telemundo. Moreover, Showmax viewers should expect an impressive surge in their catalog’s international titles, specifically featuring blockbuster movies such as The Super Mario Bros. Movie and Fast X, by December.

Recently recognized as one of the RoW40 and ‘Most Innovative On-demand Video Streaming Platform’ by Nigeria’s 2023 BrandCom Awards, Showmax’s burgeoning influence is underscored. The jury interprets this accolade as a portentous sign that “streaming in Africa is about to take off,” confidently predicting Showmax’s ascension to Africa’s premier streaming service provider.


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