SasaPay Clinches Prestigious Award as Africa’s Best Emerging Digital Payment Provider

SasaPay, a digital payments service provider based here in Kenya, has achieved a significant milestone by securing the title of Africa’s Best Emerging Digital Payment Provider of the Year at the 8th Edition of the Africa Digital Economy Awards 2023 in Nairobi.

InstinctWave, the publisher of Digital Economy magazine and the organizer of ADEA, bestowed this accolade, recognizing SasaPay for its noteworthy contributions to the digital economy. This gesture marks SasaPay as a beacon of innovation, inclusivity, and indeed sustainability.

Expressing gratitude for the recognition, Daniel Njoroge, Chief Operating Officer of SasaPay, remarked, “This award embodies our unwavering commitment to revolutionizing digital payments and fostering financial inclusion.” He added, “We dedicate ourselves to providing innovative solutions that cater specifically to our customers’ diverse needs.”

Just two months after unveiling its strategic expansion plan targeting an increase in its customer base within Kenya and the diaspora market, SasaPay received this acknowledgment.

SasaPay’s new strategy, fundamentally rooted in a focus on delivering state-of-the-art and seamless financial solutions, prioritizes ensuring an utterly secure payment experience for diverse businesses. Key players within the expansive realm of the financial services sector – banks, Saccos, digital lenders – are encompassed, alongside general trade SMEs, healthcare facilities, manufacturers, educational institutions, transport sector participants, agricultural enterprises, and more.

SasaPay aspires to position Kenya not merely as a digital payments service provider but rather as the gateway to Africa through the establishment of a robust financial ecosystem. Strategically, SasaPay has integrated with diverse global payment gateways; this allows individuals or businesses on their platform not only to conduct transactions worldwide but also without geographical limitations.

SasaPay’s mission persists as the recognition from the Africa Digital Economy Awards acts as a catalyst, urging continued innovation and strides towards financial inclusion in an ever-evolving digital landscape. InstinctWave, an ISO Certified organization committed to global ethics, emphasizes the significance of this accolade, confirming SasaPay’s impact on the African digital economy.


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