Safaricom Suspends Roaming Services in the US, Leaving Kenyan Customers in the Dark

Kenya’s foremost telecommunications provider, Safaricom, has surprised us with an unexpected announcement – the suspension of its roaming services in the United States. This decision, a departure from their usual operations, has left PrePay and PostPay customers alike perplexed, and they are now unable to utilize their Kenyan mobile numbers while residing or visiting in America.

Many subscribers and users found themselves caught off guard by the sudden, immediate suspension, leading to widespread confusion and frustration. In a terse statement, Safaricom attributes the interruption to “unforeseen circumstances,” yet unfortunately leaves its clients without any information on these specific events that provoked such disruptive action. They are left in darkness regarding reasons for this abrupt service disruption.

From what we know so far, the company is actively working towards restoring roaming services in the USA; however, a definitive timeline for normal service reinstatement remains unavailable. The absence of a clear resolution date exacerbates the uncertainty currently confronting its subscribers.

According to the company, customers traveling to the US are advised to “Purchase a local SIM cards upon arrival.” Although this option may lack convenience, it does enable users to sustain cellular service throughout their stay. Moreover, the company suggests employing Wi-Fi calling and messaging apps such as WhatsApp for maintaining connection with contacts back home.

Safaricom, in their statement, not only expressed regret for these disruptions but also confirmed their commitment to a superior roaming experience delivery. Urging affected customers to contact their customer service department for assistance and updates, this underlines the telecommunications giant’s dedication to providing optimal service.

As this story evolves, numerous Safaricom users eagerly await a resolution, and they long to reconnect with their familiar services overseas. Meanwhile, the company’s international operations team maintains an acute focus on determining both the cause and remedy for these “unforeseen circumstances” that instigated the suspension. This situation underscores not just them but all global audiences’ need for robust, reliable international roaming services, a connectivity hallmark valued by all.


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