Safaricom Introduces Safaricom Hook: A Digital Haven for Kenyan Youth

Safaricom, in an effort to empower Kenya’s dynamic youth, has launched its cutting-edge digital initiative: Safaricom Hook. This innovative platform, leveraging Safaricom’s extensive mobile network, is meticulously tailored to meet the distinctive needs and interests of the younger generation, providing a myriad of opportunities along with inspirational content.

Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa, during the launch event, emphasized the company’s dedication to enabling youth to leverage technology’s transformative potential: “Our objective with Safaricom Hook is simple; we strive to furnish a platform—a space where young Kenyans can find inspiration, seize opportunities, and cultivate a sense of belonging in an ever-changing world.”

True to its name, Safaricom Hook aims to forge an enduring bond with a generation that has unique needs. The platform is organized around three fundamental categories: technology, careers, and culture.

Under the technology umbrella, Safaricom Hook actively cultivates digital skills among youth. It provides access to Safaricom’s Digital Talent Programme and Engineering Community and forms partnerships with organizations such as the Power Learn Project, thus imparting software development knowledge.

In the career realm, Safaricom Hook actively partners with industry giants Meta and Wowzi, specifically focusing on equipping young individuals for both traditional job roles and gig economy opportunities. It emphasizes two key areas: digital training tailored towards the burgeoning gig economy and conventional career guidance provided through a strategic alliance with Brighter Monday.

Gen Z uses the culture category of Safaricom Hook as their playground to delve into their interests in sports, content creation, and fashion. They set initiatives such as the Safaricom Chapa Dimba soccer tournament in motion; furthermore, upcoming plans include launching the Safaricom Athletics series and partnering with groups like Artfit to mentor budding fashion designers.

In commitment to fostering financial literacy and savings habits among Kenyan youth, Safaricom Hook will leverage pivotal services such as M-PESA Go and the Mali wealth management app.

“We aim to cultivate Gen Z’s aspirations and revolutionize their lives as a technological catalyst,” Ndegwa underscored. Kenyans between the ages of 10-24 can access Safaricom Hook, either by signing up via the app or dialing *555# on their phones. This strategic move by Safaricom underscores its commitment to meeting Kenya youth’s evolving requirements; it constitutes an important marker in the company’s progression towards fostering a technologically adept and empowered generation.


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