Safaricom Adds It’s Newest Devices: Neon Smarta and Ultra To Lipa Mdogo Mdogo Program

Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telecommunications provider, has taken a significant step towards digital inclusivity by launching two new smartphones—the Neon Smarta and the advanced Neon Ultra—through its Lipa Mdogo Mdogo program. This initiative offers affordable daily or weekly payment plans for 4G devices, empowering Kenyans to fully embrace the digital era.

Now, the Neon Smarta and Ultra models are accessible for a mere KES 50 per day; one can obtain them either from Safaricom retail stores or utilize their convenient *544# service. This strategic maneuver aligns with Safaricom’s pledge to democratize internet accessibility, aiming to guarantee that an increased number of Kenyans encounter the transformative potential of connectivity—a bold step towards bridging digital disparities in Kenya.

“We fervently aim to facilitate an increased number of Kenyans accessing the internet’s transformative power,” affirmed Peter Ndegwa, CEO of Safaricom PLC. He further detailed their strategy, making affordable 4G devices accessible via Lipa Mdogo Mdogo. This approach has already catalyzed over a million upgrades from basic 2G feature phones among Kenyans.

The Neon Ultra—with its larger screen and enhanced camera capabilities over the standard Neon Smarta—targets users who crave advanced features. Both models are accessible via the pay-as-you-go service. Throughout their repayment period, customers enjoy bundled data and minutes, amplifying overall value for them.

Safaricom, by launching Lipa Mdogo Mdogo in 2020, has pivoted to drive the adoption of 4G in Kenya. The strategy involves facilitating customers’ transition from basic 2G phones to internet-connected smartphones through flexible payment plans. This successful collaboration extends their available device range with renowned phone makers like Transsion, Samsung, and Nokia.

Mariam Abdullahi, Director of Android Partnerships in Africa at Google, recognizes Lipa Mdogo Mdogo’s profound influence on shattering affordability barriers: “The rapid adoption of Lipa Mdogo Mdogo following its introduction provides compelling evidence that affordability remains a significant gateway hurdle to access the digital realm.”

Safaricom designs the Neon Smarta and Ultra models to strike a balance between screen size, battery life, storage, and camera quality, all while maintaining their budget-friendly prices. With extensive network coverage in Kenya, reliable 4G access is assured on these phones for users.

Not only does Safaricom demonstrate its commitment to “bridging the digital divide” through initiatives such as Lipa Mdogo Mdogo, but it also does so with campaigns like Mwelekeo ni Internet. The awareness program notches up the promotion of affordable data bundles and devices, underlining a plethora of benefits that internet access offers all Kenyans. Paving the way for digital inclusion, Safaricom positions both Neon Smarta and Ultra smartphones as tangible steps towards forging a more connected and empowered Kenya at large.


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