Oswald Jumira Takes the Helm as CEO of Liquid C2, Leading the Charge in Cloud and Cybersecurity

Oswald Jumira has assumed the position of CEO at Liquid C2, a business unit under the prominent pan-African technology group – Liquid Intelligent Technologies. In his new role, he strategically directs growth and innovation for Liquid C2, specifically focusing on developing their cloud and cybersecurity services.

As the CEO of Vaya Technologies – a business unit under Cassava Technologies’ umbrella, Oswald embarked on his journey to this pivotal position. During his tenure at Vaya, he guided an industrious team in developing and expanding commercially viable digital products across diverse sectors such as agriculture, healthcare, logistics and even education. Moreover, previous experiences with fintech startups in both Nigeria and Kenya honed Oswald’s knack for driving the adoption of digital financial services.

The President and Group CEO of Cassava Technologies, Hardy Pemhiwa, provided his insights on Oswald’s appointment. He noted that elevating Oswald to the position of CEO for Cloud and Cyber Security constituted a natural progression due to his long-standing presence within the senior management team; moreover, this promotion followed directly from Oswald’s prior role as Vaya Technologies’ Chief Executive Officer. With industry connections underpinning him along with an established record in executing business strategies—not forgetting his instrumental role steering Liquid C2’s growth towards facilitating secure digital transformations for their clients—it became clear, there was no better candidate than Mr. Oswald himself.

Oswald Jumira, upon receiving his appointment, articulated his gratitude: “I consider it a great honor to have been appointed into this role; more significantly–leading an assemblage of dynamic experts who share my passion for cloud adoption in Africa and our clients’ secure digital transformation via superior cybersecurity solutions.” Oswald underlined with emphasis that he intends not only strengthening relations with local and global strategic partners but also accelerating Liquid C2’s already remarkable growth through innovation – coupled meticulously with unrivaled customer service.

As a seasoned ICT professional, Oswald Jumira leverages his wealth of experience; he has actively engaged in technology and business development across numerous African countries for over 15 years. This extensive involvement positions him to deftly guide Liquid C2 towards unprecedented accomplishments.

Notably, Liquid C2 stands out in the technology landscape; it operates Africa’s most extensive Azure Stack deployment–a presence that stretches across four countries. Furthermore: In South Africa, Kenya, and Zambia–Liquid C2 has established the only African Cyber Security Fusion Centers—with plans for three more to launch by 2023. Microsoft, in its launch of Operator Connect across six countries, selected them as a partner: this choice underscores their technological prowess. It is worth noting that Liquid C2 emerged as a finalist for South Africa’s Microsoft Partner of the Year award in 2021; furthermore – and indicative not only excellence but also steadfast commitment – they earned identical recognition for Ethiopia and Côte d’Ivoire from 2022 to 2023.


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