Microsoft and ICT Authority Forge Cloud-First Alliance

In a significant move to advance Kenya’s digital economy, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Microsoft. This collaboration sets an ambitious goal: guiding the government toward adopting a cloud-first strategy for public service delivery.

On Tuesday, Microsoft formalized an agreement that sets the stage for its collaboration with the national government, ministries, and agencies via the ICT Authority. The completion date in February 2024 is earmarked for a joint working framework, promising a transformative impact on the country’s digital landscape.

Lauding the partnership as a fundamental stride toward advancing the nation’s digital economy, John Tanui, Principal Secretary for ICT and Digital Economy, emphasized not only laying groundwork but also achieving a conducive digital environment. More than 14,000 government services have already been digitized. With an urgent plea to both entities to extend support locally, directed at innovators and startups to foster a notably robust digital sector.

Expressing gratitude for the timely collaboration, Stanley Kamanguya, CEO of the ICT Authority, emphasized its pivotal role in Kenya’s digital transformation agenda. Moreover, he expects this partnership to not only bolster cybersecurity awareness but also uplift digital skills and critical technology sectors.

Kunle Awosika, the Head of Public Sector for Microsoft in Africa, outlined the partnership’s objective: to create an open, even enabling, environment for government departments. Once we’ve developed this framework agreement, our aim is clear, empowering these entities to make informed choices about technology and cloud platforms.

Phyllis Migwi, the Kenya Country Manager for Microsoft, enthusiastically embraced the collaboration. She underscored their mutual dedication to propelling the government’s digital economy agenda. In particular, with a laser-like focus, Migwi highlighted her intent: forging close alliances with the ICT Authority to not only concur but also champion Kenya’s digital transformational objectives.

Operating under the Ministry of ICT, the ICT Authority plays a pivotal role: it rationalizes and streamlines all government ICT functions. This strategic partnership with Microsoft signifies an intentional effort to leverage technology for the Kenyan populace’s benefit. With this collaboration poised for action, shaping Kenya’s digital future emerges as its primary goal, fostering innovation, bolstering cybersecurity, and enhancing digital skills development take center stage in that journey.


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